Ever feel that women are playing you?


Likely because they lack physicality, women have become masters at subtle social manipulation.


But don’t worry, my masculine friend! You do NOT have to succumb.


This article reveals the 3-steps to master a woman’s games. But to begin? Watch this quick 2 minute video below. Then, we’ll dive into the exact 3-steps you can follow to always stay a step ahead…




It’s simple, dude. If you don’t take leadership in the relationship, then you will succumb to a woman’s games!


Countless single women are hunting for soft, tame beta-males they can take advantage of.


They’re looking for “friends” — who’ll buy them dinners, take them shopping, and fix their plumbing — without any sexual relations.


Luckily, you don’t have to be the guy who get’s manipulated by women. The way you combat a woman’s games is by 1) calling out any form of manipulation you see, 2) establishing your boundaries firmly, and 3) handling her emotional outbreak with logic, calmness, and confidence.


We’ll discuss how to do this more in this article. But first, remember this. If she doesn’t want to play your game? Great! Leave! Then? Go meet other women who DO happily play the game on your terms.


This is how you ensure you never fall into the trap.


Dominate by Mastering Your Emotions - Part 1


It all comes down to this:


The only guaranteed way to never succumb to woman’s games? And the only path to ensure you never feel you “have to” be with her — on her terms? Instead of yours?


Have lots and lots and lots of women in your life.


A lack of dating options is the number one reason most men get taken for the proverbial ride by women. It’s because women know that a man without dating options is sex deprived. And women know that a sex-deprived man is manipulatable.


So, to ensure you don’t fall into this trap? Meet an attractive woman each day, as I discuss here. Yes, there IS a learning curve for those of you who don’t consistently meet women. So, don’t expect to get life changing results in the first week. The key is to think medium and long term.


Because meeting an attractive woman each day — when done consistently for several months — will give you the tools to create a lifetime of sexual abundance. And when you do have abundance in your life? Not only will you be a happy man, but you’ll also become a master at quickly spotting a woman’s games.


You’ll be able to read the changes in her tone of voice, her body language, and you’ll notice the subtle changes in her facial expressions. These cues will trigger your “sixth sense.” From here? You’ll quickly put the social pieces of the puzzle together — and BANG — you’ll see this women is trying to manipulate you!



Remember, when you spot a woman’s games? Call her out!


Ideally, when you do so, you’ll be able to articulate to her both what 1) she is doing and 2) why she is trying to do it! Note that if you’re not guaranteed why she’s trying to play games, it’s okay to simply let her know you spot her games!


Then, after you do call her out? Redefine the rules — on your terms. Do so as I discussed in the video above. At this point, she’ll likely get turned on by your social acuity, your confidence, and your masculine leadership.



She may also get emotional. She may say, “I can’t believe you’d say that!”


If she gets emotional — and starts accusing you?


Stay calm. Be logical. And stay in control. Also remember, a woman’s emotions often ignite her sexuality! So, if she’s getting all hot and bothered? But if she doesn’t have any concrete proof that refutes your accusation — that she’s playing games with you?


Then do NOT relent.


Again, stay calm, strong, firm, and confident. Listen to her. Give her the chance to reply with logic. And when she can’t do so? Because she’s been caught red handed? Chances are, once she sees her little emotional tirade doesn’t move you? She’ll soon succumb, and submit to you… 😉 


As you may know as well, some of the best sex happens right after a hot disagreement…


9 Steps to Move a Date Towards Sex (Step-by-Step Guide)


And, on the other hand? If she decides she wants a soft guy to manipulate, instead of a dominant stud like you? Great. Simply leave — and never look back. It really is that simple. Because remember, you don’t have time to be a “friend zone” guy.


You should be too busy dominating as a man for those goofy shenanigans…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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