Yo! Happy new year!

I’m currently writing to you from 30k feet up — as I fly back from Chicago to L.A. 

(I’ve gotta admit, it’s weird being able to blast out this blog to thousands of you guys while I’m thousands of feet above the world — I kinda like it!).

But enough about me: let’s talk about you — and how you’re approaching the new year.

Do you have clear goals? Ingrained habits that’ll help you pragmatically achieve those goals? And, for you elite guys, do you have an excel spreadsheet where you track your daily habits (see strategy #5) — to ensure you stay on track? 

Maybe you’ve already handled these things. Perhaps you’re working on them from 30 thousand feet up like I am. Here’s what I know for sure: if you’re an ambitious mofo like I am, you’d better be optimizing these things for 2019.

Do you agree? 

Continuing along, you might even be thinking about if/how you should invest in yourself in 2019 — which I also reckon is a wise thing to do — but only if the ‘investment’ makes sense!

To support you here, I’d like to share the one (and only) seminar I personally recommend ambitious single men attend in 2019. Hint: it’s not in the USA!

I break it down for you right here:

In short, the QLA Castle Seminar is the only seminar I’d personally recommend in 2019. And I’d only recommend it for you if either 1) you want somebody to whip you into shape, or B) you want to create generational wealth in 3-7 years.


Hope this information helps! Wishing you nothing but success in 2019!

To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Ps – Note that as I shared before, in 2019 I’ll be sharing both dating/confidence content along with business content. The link above will introduce what those “new” business videos will entail…

Pss – I’m not saying there’s only one good seminar out there in 2019. What I am saying is that I’m only aware of one truly high-quality seminar I’m very confident you should consider. Hope you see the distinction! 


Psss – what’s been your biggest takeaway from this in-depth report? Share in the comments box below…


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