Yes, the picture above is the great Bobby Kennedy doing his thing. I put that as the photo for this article because it illustrates a simple truth: women are deeply attracted to leaders. 


But, why?


Why do women, especially the highest quality like Marlyn Monroe (in her time), naturally find themselves enamored with masculine leaders like JFK?



The roots are evolutionary. Put simply, a woman living on the plains of Africa 20,000 years ago needed a strong, masculine leader to keep her safe, sound, and well fed. 


Remember too, evolution moves at the speed of a glacier. It takes millions of years for organisms to significantly “evolve.”


Therefore, what attracted a woman historically is virtually identical to what attracts women today. Women wanted (and still want) a masculine leader they can trust!


I’m sure this makes sense to a smart guy such as yourself. 


The real question becomes, HOW can you become a masculine leader — in the 21st century?


So that women are deeply and instinctually attracted to YOU? That’s what we’re about to discuss in this one, so buckle up sir, we’re about to take off…


However, since my other career is rapidly accelerating at the moment, the truth is I don’t have time to write out a thousand words explaining how you can become a leader around women (and thus supercharge your dating life!).


It’s why we’re going to rely on a good ol’ fashioned video to break this one down. You definitely don’t want to miss it…


How to Be a Leader With Women
(and why women crave masculine leaders)


It’s simple — be decisive at all times.


When you’re on a date, always bring direction and certainty. A leader can be wrong, but he’s never in doubt. This is how you want to carry yourself, señor. 


Simply take the girl’s hand and lead her! Lead her on an adventure. Take her to your favorite “secret spot.” The truth is, when you’re with a woman, it doesn’t matter what you do nearly as much as it matters HOW you do it!



Act with conviction and certainty (even if you’re unsure deep down). Trust me — once you get this right? You’ll find women suddenly become hyper-attracted to you.


And now, I do want to hear from YOU. Be a leader, and drop a comment below outlining your biggest takeaway. Let’s keep the conversation going…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – stay handsome, slick.. 😉 


  1. Wayne

    This is a great one I just made a date and is going to meet me. And she has no clue where we are going. I am taking her to the winery.

    • Jason Rogers


      When a woman agrees to meet up with you (despite not knowing what the plan is), that’s a killer sign she’s super into you 😉



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