So, is it? Is it illegal to say sexual things to women? That’s what we’re about to discuss, sir. Because as you’ll see, this is a question a lot of guys (subconsciously) have swirling around inside their masculine minds…


One guy wrote me the following, just the other day…


“You know what happens when you acknowledge women especially saying how they look you can be put in jail for that now good luck with procreation with all these crazy feminists out there.”


This isn’t the first time I’ve received a comment, message or email like this. In fact? In the last six months? This type of feedback has become hyper-common.


Tons of guys are worried about if their actions around women may verge on being illegal. This concern is likely due to the increasing prevalence of feminists, leftists, social justice warriors (“SJW’s”), etc.


Evidently, this conversation is becoming more relevant than ever before. It’s why I created THIS for you…


Is It Illegal To Say Sexual Things to Women?


So, now that you (hopefully) watched the video above? You know the answer to this question, “Is it illegal to say sexual things to women?” is…




As in, no it is NOT ILLEGAL to say sexual things to women! (if  you live in The United States of America)!


is it illegal to say sexual things to women?


I explain everything you should know about being sexual, and how to be sexual with women, when you watch the video imbedded above.


But if you don’t have the time?


The real punchline is this:


You can say whatever the hell you want to whomever you want — because of your first amendment right that gives you the power of freedom of speech.



(There are a few exceptions to the 1st amendment however. For example, you CANNOT yell “FIRE” in a crowded movie theatre as a joke!)


Other than clearly absurd (and stupid) verbalizations like this? The world is your oyster — so freely express yourself verbally!


However, where the line is drawn?


Groping a woman (and of course anything beyond that) without her permission!


Doing so is *of course* ILLEGAL! And, an excellent way to get yourself thrown in jail!


is it illegal to say sexual things to women?


Now… With that all said?


I absolutely recommend you make time to watch this video — as I’ll show you real-life footage of me being hyper sexual with women in a way (as you’ll see) women love!


Then, once you watch? As always? Help me keep helping you.


Like, comment, subscribe, share.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your biggest takeaway from this bad boy? Share in the comments box below…


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