I don’t want this article to be some corny, cliche “honesty is the best medicine” saga.


Rather, I’m here to share first hand how my relationships and my dating life have flourished directly from embracing honesty.


First, if you’re looking for hot win-win sex, then watch this video. I reveal how to use honesty to attract hot sex — with women who are looking for the exact same thing:




Now, I’ll continue by giving you some back-story. In what follows, you’ll see multiple instances where honesty helped me create a healthy, sexually abundant lifestyle


I’ll start by sharing a story about the only girl I’ve seriously liked in the last 7 or so years…


First, who is this girl? Without revealing any of her personal identity, I’ll share this girl’s a total catch. Sexy, smart, trilingual, ambitious, yet lady like and feminine.


We started dating about four months back.


At the time? I was honest with her. When we started seeing each other? I honestly told her I was dating other women. And, despite the fear that many guys have — that telling a girl you’re seeing other women will send her for the hills? This new lady in my life appreciated my candor.


So, we started seeing each other, casually. We started talking and getting to know each-other a bit. And for a few days, we flirted around with the idea of being exclusive. There was actually a 48 hour period where we decided to be “together” exclusively.


But then? I soon realized the two of us wouldn’t be a match.


The main reason was sex. She wanted to hold out until marriage. I honestly told her my truth, “I respect that you don’t want to have sex before marriage. But I’m not going to stop having sex.”


So after less than 3 days of being “together” with her? I let her know we should just be friends — because I couldn’t date somebody I wasn’t going to be hyper-sexual with.


She wasn’t happy, and for a period I think she hated my guts. But, she never lost respect for me.


After cutting ties on our very quick little relationship (if you want to call it that), I started dating other women. Within a week, I was back to my normal single life: which centers around casual, friends-with-benefits sex. This continued (and rapidly escalated) over the next month or so.


Each day, I met at least one cute woman (something I recommend all single guys do). And, upon meeting each of these women? I quickly expressed my sexuality honestly. In fact? I was (and now am) more honest, upfront, and sexual with women than ever before.


Funny enough? My dating life has quickly reached an all time high.


Moving to present day now, I’ve continued to embrace my sexuality, as I write about here.


And just as I’ve officially created a literal lineup of women I’m talking to? As well as another lineup of women I’m dating casually? Guess who I bumped into twice in just two days? Of course, the “total catch” of a girl I started this article talking about.


After seeing me in two consecutive days, I received a 2minute, 54second audio message from her. In it, she explained how she was hurt — since she knows I quickly started dating women after we split.


She revealed how she wished I would have ended things sooner with her — to keep her from emotionally hurting like she has been. And while she didn’t directly blame me, she stated she was “definitely not to blame” herself. And herein lies the power of honestly…


See, had I hooked up with another girl while the two of us quickly flirted around with being together in a monogamous relationship? And had I lied about this?


Not only would I have felt like a piece of shit — but I also would have tarnished my reputation in my social circle (we met though our shared mutual networks). But instead? Since I’d been completely truthful throughout?


I simply replied to my “ex” with honesty.


My message was simple:


“I never hooked up with anybody when we were together. Only once we agreed to be just friends did I begin dating again. Therefore, nobody is to blame for your emotional pain. That said, I wish you the best.”


Now, what happens next between her and I is up to her. I told her simply, “I am comfortable staying friends with you. But if you aren’t emotionally ready for that, I understand.”


But the beauty is this: I can keep dating like a king without feeling a single bit of guilt whatsoever. This is because, again, I’ve 1) honest with my ex, and 2) honest with the girls I’m hooking up with casually.


When one of the girls I’m now dating asks, “Jason, are you seeing other girls?” I say yes. And most times the girls who are looking for a fun, no-strings attached relationship get more turned on both by 1) my honesty, and 2) my perceived value in the eyes of other women.


Honestly literally helps the rich get richer.


Few “secrets” works as effectively for single men who want dating abundance AND healthy relationships — like honesty.


In my personal life? Since I’ve began embracing blunt honestly — to an extreme level? (i.e. “I want to rip your clothes off,” “I’m not boyfriend material,” “I just imagined you naked,” etc.)


My social standing in my hometown has never been better. My dating pipeline has never been more full. And my conscious has never been more clean.


I’m telling you: you do NOT need to lie to dominate your dating life. Honestly wont only set you free. But it’ll also supercharge both your attractiveness, and your sex life.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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