And just like that, I met a woman I’m kinda crazy about. Yes, it’s true. For the first time in 7 years, I’m not “dogging.” It feels weird to suddenly want to be committed, but I think I may actually be down, to settle down.


Okay, I’ll admit: that picture of me proposing was a joke — from way back in the day. And no, that’s not the girl. I just chose that picture to get your attention.


Here’s what’s not a joke: I met a woman a month ago.


And I really do like her, unlike I’ve liked a woman in quite some time. By the way, I wonder if she’s reading this… Whatever. Screw it. Here’s why I like her (my answer’s the same whether she’s reading or not)…


Simply put: she’s smart, witty, sexy, not slutty, fun as hell to be around, and motivated to kick ass in her own life. Finding all these traits in a woman is rare, as you know.


And, after “dogging” for 7 years?


I’ve become pretty damn good at reading people (especially women) — which I share bc the more I get to know this girl, the more my prior suspicions keep becoming confirmed.


So, that means, there’s a chance I may be hanging up my own personal “dogging boots,” for good. Now, I’ll be honest with you, man. It IS weird to watch babes in tight gym pants or sun dresses walk passed me down the street, and NOT hit on them — LOL).


However, it’s been pretty easy to “transition” — since this girl is something special. 


That said, I’m trying to take things slow with her. We’ll see. One thing I’ve noticed about finding one chica I’m really into? A girl I’d consider committing to? Besides the fact that it’s been extremely enjoyable shift — after 7 years being single? Not focusing on meeting other women has helped me become even more focused on dominating my mission as a man.


Can You Say NO? Why You Must Be Able to DISAGREE as a Man


Admittedly, I didn’t expect this — but think I’ve actually received MORE energy to dominate my work. Note, this is ONLY because I’m coming at a potential relationship with her from a mindset of abundance — since I know exactly how to meet other women.


What I’m really saying is this: don’t think “getting a girlfriend” is an automatic way to kick more ass, because if you don’t know how to create dating abundance for yourself, then it’s NOT.


Trust me. I tried this “strategy” back when I was around 20. And doing so contributed to me being a dorky chump one didn’t even bat an eye at. That said, yea — starting to date a *potential* Queen is really enjoyable and very helpful at my current life-stage as a man. I’m happy — and I’ve been as focused as ever on my life’s work.


Which is why I also encourage ambitious single men to focus on:


1) Becoming your best self as a man
2) Finding (and then dominating) your mission as a man


For Kobe, his mission as a man for over 15 years was to be the best basketball player of his generation. Elon Musk’s mission as a man? To move the human race to Mars. What’s your mission as a man?



Here’s what I’ve learned: there’s no way you to ensure you can unlock the sex life, or the relationship of your dreams, if you don’t 1) become a badass, and 2) get super passionate about your purpose aka your mission as a man.


My mission as a man, so you know, is to become the most impactful personal development figure for men ever. Consider once again, what’s yours? While you don’t need to have a mission as a man that’s as big as Elon’s or Kobe’s, this a massively lucrative question to answer — for your personal development, your outer success, and your inner fulfillment — as a man.


I’ll tell you this…


Clearly determining my mission as a man has helped me romantically, professionally, and it’s helped my happiness — more than arguably anything else on the planet. And I’m not alone in my belief. In fact, renowned author David Deida writes about this at length in his book, The Way of the Superior Man.



Speaking of having a mission as a man…


…I have something to show you.


It’s my newest project that’s aimed to help more single men like YOU become their best selves. Introducing my new baby:


I know, it’s kinda long, right? But it’s EXACTLY what I help men do! Now, here’s what’s important for you: this website (just like the url) is jammed packed with serious value.


So, if you’re an ambitious single man looking to upgrade your confidence, so you can dominate your career AND attract high quality women, then definitely check this baby out:


I’d love your input. And I recommend you check out for yourself too. Here’s why: confidence IS the trait that most led me to become more dominant.


And remember, women are hardwired to desire dominant men, as you know if you’ve been reading my blog here, for a bit.


So, do yourself a solid and check out Then, I’d appreciate it if you’d reply to this email — to let me know what you think.


I’d love to get your feedback.


Shoot me an email with what you think at [email protected]


And with that, I’m out. Until next time…


I’m wishing you well, my action taking friend. Talk soon…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Ps – yes, I will keep you updated on how things are going with the girl, and the new site. That’s one goal I have for my blog moving forward, to open up more with you and let you know what I’m up to.


Pss – Wanna hear a little secret? I actually got the idea to create one day after I realized my single days may be over. I knew that if I started dating someone exclusively, that I couldn’t blog / coach exclusively on dating. So, just like this, my career has pivoted. And now, the path I’ll be focusing on, in order to achieve my mission as a man, is helping ambitious single men unlock next-level confidence. 


Attention Single Men: Double Your Confidence in a Week


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