Think about this for a second…

You are walking in a shopping mall and you see an attractive girl that you simply cannot take your eyes off. You go to your favourite café and stumble upon words when ordering your usual, stunned by the sexiness of the female barista. Or, you are at a party and there is that one girl that commands all the attention from the guys.


So what are we getting at?


The point is this. These girls have not said anything to you, or anyone, yet they are deemed attractive by gents. Everywhere they go, wherever they walk, guys are floored by their presence. It’s usually the same girls, every time.


Let’s flip the table here.


Visualise yourself as ‘that’ guy that all the girls glare at. Visualise yourself as that confident, badass, alpha male that girls cannot wait to talk to. You can get her thinking about you. And you can get her attention, in the best way possible — all without saying a word.


Yes — get her attention without saying a word.


Would you like to learn how?


This is going to be of high value to you, for sure. So let’s get into this. Now, how do you get a woman’s attention without saying a word? Or opening your mouth?


Remembering that over 50% of communication is non-verbal, you can make a serious impression, very easily. That’s the key, it is easy. Definitely easier to implement that verbal communication, for sure.

If you can attract a woman without speaking or persuading or ‘selling’ yourself to her the more powerful position you are in as she becomes more intrigued to who you are and want to ‘sell’ herself to you, chase and pursue you. How good would that be?


This is going to help you create that dating abundance that you desire, so whether you are just aiming to ‘play the field’ or find that incredible girlfriend, this is going to help you out.


Here we go.


The Ultimate Guide — get her attention without saying a word:


1: Get a good haircut.

This can take you from a 5/10 to an 8/10 in about 15-20min for about $20. Let’s clarify. Yes, you can pay a small amount of money and bump yourself up on the ‘attractiveness’ scale in less than half an hour? That’s exactly right.

Woman love a man with a good haircut, so you must be doing this. Many gents do all the things right but let this one slip. But it makes a huge difference. Go to a barber/salon, sit down and talk to him/her about the best haircut for you. Let them do the rest.

This demonstrates hygiene, discipline, care and a lot of other great traits that women are looking for in a man. Simply getting your hair cut every 2-4 weeks (depending on the style) can help you out a lot in getting a girl’s attention.


2: Strong eye contact.

How many times have you heard this one? No matter what, it must be included in this ultimate guide. Strong eye contact to a girl demonstrates confidence, which perhaps is the most attractive trait a man (or woman for that matter) can have.

Just be cool, calm and add a little smirk. Don’t be a creep and not blink, this can make you the opposite of attractive, you get the idea, just maintain solid, strong eye contact and women will adore you for it.


3: Wear stylish clothes that fit.

This is another component that can bump you up the scale a few points, perhaps in a minute this time around.


First things first, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on some expensive, branded label to get this one right. Just clothes that compliment your body type will work wonders. Get your clothes tailored and fitted to you and look good on you.


4: Surround yourself with positive, fun people.

How in the world can this make you attractive to girls? Well, if you are seen in a group where everyone is smiling, laughing and having a good time, you appear ‘safe’ to girls.

Whereas if you are surrounded by negative people that are sad and slouched all the time, this reflects negatively on you, even if you are positive, the group you hang around with can ruin your chance on your behalf.

This is why it is important to be selective and really audit the people you spend time with. People have to be positive, bring good energy and woman pick up on that very quickly, as they also want to be a part of that.


5: Smile.

The big million (billion?) dollar smile is the key! Gents, it cannot be emphasised how important it is to develop that killer smile that girls cannot resist.

Wherever you go, always carry a smile or a resting smirk. This is going to make a huge difference as women and people will be in tune with your energy and feel the difference.

The baseline smirk.

Have that ‘winning’ look that women are attracted to, even if you aren’t winning in your career or any other aspect of your life, you can always carry yourself like a winner. You come across as a fun guy to be around so never neglect your facial expressions, especially in public.


6: Word of mouth.

This is your personal marketing tool. Let’s say that you attract a woman at a bar, for instance. She then will go to her friends there about you and then they will begin to ‘check you out’ as well.

Now, without really doing anything, you have attracted multiple woman. You just come across as a cool guy whom gents want to be like and woman want to be/sleep with.


Always be embodying your best energy and by just putting your best self out there you open up so many possibilities with women as you’ll never know how people will talk about you when you don’t know.


7: Work out.

The final key in the ultimate guide is to workout, to exercise. Whether it be lifting weights, to boxing, to sprints. Find a way. Your body is your machine and it directly has a correlation with the type of lifestyle you lead, which woman can read in an instant.

It’s all about that shoulders to waist ratio. Developing that wide frame and that beach body is unbelievably effective in gaining a woman’s attention.

Although this isn’t a quick fix, or something you can just buy, you have to be consistent and patient with this as results take time but it can pay off massive dividends.


Now which of the seven are you going to take action on first? Let me know in the comments below.


Until next time,

Secret Agent


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