Ready to flirt like Robert Downey Jr.? This video is a true flirting masterclass. Learn from the master himself…




Now, on top of everything we discussed in that epic training masterclass…


I want to add a bit more value. And hit you with three main secrets for flirting like Robert Downey Jr., that I’ve uncovered after hours of breaking down his traits, quirks, personality, etc.


Let’s dive in… shall we? 😉



#1: He Holds Steady, Firm Eye Contact For Long Periods of Time

You saw multiple examples of this in the video breakdown.


Did you notice how his eyes were narrow — and his gaze piercing?  He doesn’t have bug eyes.  It’s quite the opposite with him.  It’s an attractive quality you’ll want to consider embodying.


Eye contact is the ultimate opportunity to create a sexual connection because the eyes are the portals to our souls as human beings.  Embrace the opportunity to share a moment with the lady of your lust (or love) by holding that eye contact with her.


Give the two of you the gift of an intimate moment only possible when eyes lock.



#2: He Leads the Conversation — Asking New Questions Despite Being Asked a Question Himself.

Some will say this is offensive, arrogant, rude, etc.  Haters will hate.


Simply put though, it works.  It works because it shows RDJ is a man who’s most comfortable leading.  As I’m sure you know, leaders are attractive.  The star quarterback is the PROM king, not the 3rd string long snapper.


The quarterback leads, and the long snapper doesn’t. Take the cue. Lead your conversations more often — especially when you’re first getting to know the girl. By leading effectively, she’ll be far more receptive to a more flirty overall vibe.


Leading is a masculine trait – one embodied by Robert Downey Jr.  He is the director of the conversation throughout.  And this makes him highly attractive to women.  It’s how he’s able to smoothly escalate and create such a sexually charged bubble for the two of them.



#3: Robert Downey Jr. Creates Massive Amounts of Sexual Tension in His Dialogue 

Disney movies portray love as picturesque, warm, and fuzzy.


And don’t get me wrong, love can be that way.  But let’s not forget to discuss the elephant in the room.  Sexuality is a dance – a dance between rapport building and rapport breaking.


This dance is what we call sexual tension.  Robert Downey Jr. is a master of creating and embracing sexual tension.  His banter arouses women.


Now, here’s another video resource that shares nuanced keys for flirting and bantering like a champ… Learn from another gent with exquisite skills: Russell Brand…




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