Ever had a girl that “cancels” on you at the last minute? You know… the “flakey” type? UGH. Luckily, you don’t have to waste your time on flakey girls ever again!


I’ve created a very simple “system” you can follow to ensure you never struggle with flakey girls again…


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It’s honestly very simple, sir.


If a girl flakes for the first time? Don’t react.


Literally just reply to her “flake message” with a “dog emoji” — as I explained in the video above. By not replying nor responding with any emotion nor concern — for whether or not the girl shows up? A flakey girl will very often “re-decide” to come out and see you. Your lack of concern paradoxically makes her want to come see you. I wrote about this here.


Never forget: women test you and threaten to “flake” on you for one reason? Because they want to see what you’re made of. By staying cool and calm and playful and relaxed, usually a woman will get more attracted to you.


It’s precisely her inability to get a “rise” out of you — that makes her start wanting you more! It’s why you must remain “icy,” unemotional, and non-reactive! If you want to attract women like honey attracts bees, that is!


Why "Direct Game" Is The Superior Way to Sex, Success, & Impact


Just stay calm if she threatens to flake (or actually does flake) for the first time. Also, always bring something with you so that you never get “burnt.” For example, I always bring my laptop along with me when I’m going to meet a woman for the first time. This way, if she does flake, I can simply channel my energy to my work.


However, if a girl flakes on you more than once? Cut her from your life.


Never let a girl that repeatedly flakes get more of your time or attention. Remember this — your time is your ultimate asset. You can always get more girls. Just as you can always make more money.


But you can NEVER get more time.


It’s for this reason that I never let a woman back into my life if she flakes more than once.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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