Just an hour before we were supposed to meet up, she wrote me this…


Sorry, I can’t make it.


Now, I’ll be honest…


This would have crushed the old me.


Nothing hurt my pride, my contentment, or my ego like getting flaked at the last minute.


Especially when she’d said the day before that we were “100% on for tomorrow.”


But the new me knows oh so much more than the old me did… 


So instead of freaking out, losing my cool, telling her, “oh hey no worries,” or doing some other stupid thing…


Instead, I just responded with this.




Her response?


hahahahahahah why the dog?


So I told her the simple answer…


I love dogs.


Her next text?


Ahhhhhhhh ooooooookkkkkkk. So are we going to watch the game?


And there it was.


30 minutes later I was on a date with an awesome, stunning woman who had “canceled” on me just an hour before. And really, she hadn’t actually canceled.


She’d simply tested me with a last minute challenge to see if I was the relaxed, chill guy she hoped and maybe even thought that I was.


When I passed her little test by staying cool and simply responding with an unemotional, non-reactive message that was presented to her in the form of a dog emoji, she instantly flipped from saying she couldn’t come to excitedly making sure I was going to meet her.


It’s perfect for me 😉

Wait for me please!


And there it was. Just like that, we were on a fun, exciting date.


At the end of the day, what I learned after years of trial and error is that dating dynamics aren’t logical or obvious — especially when you’re dealing with very attractive women who get lots of male attention.


It’s why most guys get flaked on, ran over, and played. 

They don’t know the real rules of the game.


And therefore, they can’t win the game.


But if you learn the secret I had to learn the hard way, you can start turning her flakiness and tests into attraction and excitement to see you.


We talked about exactly what to do when she flakes or tests you in episode 95 of our exclusive membership — Dominate as a Single Man.


And to give you an edge, we’ve made this exclusive content available to you.


Press play to learn exactly what to do when she flakes or tests you…

Do This When She Flakes or Tests You - Ep 95

by Jason Rogers | Dominate as a Single Man


Now, you have a serious advantage over most guys. Suddenly now, you know exactly what to do the next time a woman tests you or flakes you.


But before we finish, I want to ask you…


What has been the #1 mistake you’ve noticed you’ve been making in your dating life? And what are you going to do differently from now on? 


Share in the comments below to help remind yourself not to repeat it!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Revealed: How to Make Her Chase You!


  1. Jim

    She flaked. Sent her a text saying I was 10 minutes late, she doesn’t reply. I go off to do other stuff, she texts 30 min later. I send her the dog emoji and winky. She replies with enthusiasm.

    • Jason Rogers

      (insert dog emoji) (insert wink emoji)


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