Gents, you are going to love this one.


Here’s the punchline:


You NEVER get a second chance at a first impression, especially with women.


Now, you may be wondering…


How do I make the best first impression possible? How do I appear like a dominant alpha that she will be interested in? And, how do I create that high-value perception?


This file is going to answer your lingering thoughts.


Let’s discuss high-value perception.


When you meet a woman for the first time that doesn’t know you, how do you create that instant value? A girl that you have never met before, doesn’t know your friends and you want to appear as a cool guy, not as some creep doing cold approach (let’s re-define this word).


Cold approach is seen as coming from a low-value place and is so common that many women almost are de-sensitised to it, as it has happened to them in the past. The intention with this article is to…..


Re-frame cold approach


Coming from a high-value place and attracting women with how you do it.


Here’s the biggest secret…


Storytelling your day (with empathy)


That’s it? I’m sure you’ve heard it all and the purpose of this was to not provide you with a short-term trick, a cliché and generic one-liner but an authentic, organic process which is going to be different from every badass out there.



Imagine you are at a mall, sitting down on your laptop and right there, you look up and see a cute girl sitting at the table in front of you. With certainty, a similar situation has happened to all of us in the past, but now what do you do?


How do you go over and cold approach from a place of high value? And make an excellent first impression? In a way that doesn’t appear awkward, slimy or creepy?


Here we go.


Very calmly, very slowly walk over towards her. No jerky movements, no rushing.


Take your time


This is so huge in the first impression. It’s one of the dominant alpha traits and critical in creating that high-value position.


You say, “Excuse me; I have a quick question for you”.


Broken the ice.


(Note: for more ways to break the ice, bookmark this article).


Now? Take a seat next to her and casually, effortlessly story tell your day. Make sure you sit; standing is a ‘low-value position’ to come from.



“I was reading this, working on that, having a great day and then I look up and I see you. Now I have a bone to pick with you because I was so focused on what I was doing and now you have me here talking to you”. 


Whether it is this or something in your own words, this just works. Simply by being honest, playful and unique in your ‘cold approach’. Coupled with strong eye contact, body language and your own confident badass vibe, you have her interested.


This is because she has entered your story, hence it involves her by essentially teasing her for pulling you off your path and making you go and talk to her. 


Human beings connect with stories.


Now what you have essentially done is flipped the script and perception.


You appear spontaneous and socially calibrated, most of all confident.


Girls are attracted to confident guys, and an action/risk taker. This is straight up money.


Now you can finish and simply introduce yourself to her, works every time.


“I’m X, nice to meet you”.


This is such a cool, calm and collected way to do this, a much more high-value place to be coming from. 


She’ll then introduce herself and then BANG.


From then on it’s literally like a chat. Just be proactive and chill.



Now that you are simply mutually understanding each other, asking each other questions, it is literally like a date, created in under ten minutes.


If things are going well you can ask her:


“Let’s go for a cup of coffee”.

“Hey, let’s go for a walk”.

“Let me get your number”.


Whatever it is, make sure it is a call to action.


Even if she is single or not, that is irrelevant, you don’t need or expect anything from her.


Regardless, exchanging Instagram or Facebook details can be extremely effective also. You want the social proof from your online presence to work in your favour. This is how you turn a ‘cold approach’ into something which feels like a cool guy like yourself who is socially connected and without any doubt have demonstrated yourself as a high-value guy.


Now here’s the thing, by storytelling with empathy, asking her questions and using your social media when connecting with her you are essentially trying to figure out whether she is someone that is worth spending time with.


Why Dating Success Is NOT Like Achieving Career Success


Remember, you are a man on a mission with a big vision, goals and ambitions who is focused on dominating as well as kicking ass every day. You do not have time to mess around with woman who are not worth it, who aren’t going to benefit and have a positive impact on your mission; it is a simple as that. Can she make your life better?


Once you have identified this you can continue to progress or politely end it there and excuse yourself.


“Hey, you know it was nice to meet you, great chat, I better get back to work”. Or something on those lines. “It’s been a pleasure, I have to be somewhere”. Don’t abruptly walk away, do it like a dominant alpha would do it.


You are a cool guy looking to meet cool woman.


To conclude gents, storytelling is so easy to do and it is something that you can practice every day. It doesn’t take much effort nor decision-making.


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Whether you are successful or not you have to acknowledge yourself for taking action and this is always a win-win scenario, you are always the winner.


By implementing the Learn-Validate-Repeat Confidence Building Sequence you will quickly build confidence, which will help you dominate your mission as a man and at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?


Until Next Time,

The Secret Agent


Ps – What’s your biggest takeaway? Let’s keep the conversation going. Drop a comment below


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