Oh yes, the first date.


It’s a big moment, she’s a real cutie, and you’re about to ask her out.


First of all, since you’re a masculine stud, let’s assume she’s gonna say YES!


Okay, so, here’s what you’re gonna wanna consider…


What will the two of you do..?


Where will you go..?


What will you wear..?


These are valid questions.


But to be honest? They pale in importance when compared to the lesson revealed below!


Behold, the #1 first date mistake countless guys make every single freakin’ day!


Whatever you do, don’t make this first date mistake!


Which wont be a problem, because the 2-minute video below reveals precisely what NOT to do for a first date… 😉




I’m telling you dude: you don’t wanna ask a girl out on a first date dinner date! Or any type of “date” for that matter!


Especially if she doesn’t already realllly like you (and feel super comfortable around you, too)!


Trust me, if she isn’t crazy about you? She WONT say yes to this type of invitation, unless you’re Brad freakin’ Pitt.


So instead, build rapport with her before you EVER think about asking her out on a first date. Then, once she’s warmed up to you? Grab her contact info as I described in the video above.


From here, you can make casual invitations to her — to join you and your friends on a Friday or Saturday night. Do so exactly how I explained in the video above.


This gives you the best chance of creating the chemistry between you and the girl! And that’s what I know you really want!


Remember: Women don’t want to go on a  “white table cloth first date”!


That’s how people dated back in 1945! But it’s not what women want today — whether you like it or not! Asking a woman out like this is a HUGE FIRST DATE MISTAKE! So, take action the 21st century way instead 😉


Now, I want to hear from you! What’s the biggest lesson you took away from this video — or this article as a whole?


Let me know in the comments section below!


And please, pinky promise me you wont make this first date mistake described above! 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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