Struggling with what you’re meant to do with your life? Unsure of what you’re purpose on this planet is?


If you’re uncertain what your mission as a man should be, then this is for you…


What follows are the two paths you can take to quickly uncover your mission as a man.


Upon finishing this quick article, you’ll feel far more confident and clear about your purpose in life.



Taking action along either of these two paths will quickly re-energize you with more confidence, clarity, and certainty.


Here are the two paths for uncovering your purpose, or your mission, as a man…


1) Make FINDING your long-term MISSION, your current mission as a man.


Why Lacking Clarity Equals Lame Dating Life (powerful exercise revealed)


Here, you’re essentially taking action daily as you search for an ideal career you can commit yourself to that 1) pays, 2) makes a positive impact, and 3) invigorates you.


This first path requires you to search, meet new people, try different activities and lines of work, all while asking yourself, “Is this something I could do for a long time to 1) make money, 2) make an impact, and 3) feel energized as a man?”


Path number one is simply about uncovering “that thing” you can excitedly dig your teeth into for a long, long time.


Now, let’s discuss the second path for finding you mission as a man…


2) Make GROWING YOURSELF, your current mission as a man.


Exercise, Meditation, Cold Showers


Along this path you’re basically searching for 1) knowledge, 2) mentors, all while 3) taking actions necessary to grow yourself.


This second path could include taking on a 30 day challenge, changing your routines, optimizing your health, finally approaching women every day, investing in an online training program, and spending an hour a day reading.


There you have it. Those are the two paths for quickly unlocking your mission as a man. Ultimately, neither path is better than the other. Though I do recommend you find a long-term purpose as a man eventually (path one). But if you currently feel lost, what’s more important is that you dig your teeth into something ASAP. Therefore, I recommend taking action on whichever path feels more easy to begin — starting tomorrow morning!


Ultimately, taking action along either of these two paths will strengthen both your confidence and your fulfillment you generate from life.


If you want more clarity on which of these two paths is better for you, watch this video below.



What’s important isn’t so much which path you take, but that you choose a path — and finally unlock your mission as a man!


From a psychological background (I studied psychology at U.C.L.A. and involved myself with researching the same field at Stanford), I can assure you that unlocking your mission as a man will help you feel more confident and fulfilled.


And deep down…


You absolutely want to be both confident and fulfilled.


Social awkwardness to social freedom


Trust me.


Cuz unlike being confident, while “fulfillment” may not sound all that sexy, in truth — being both a confident and a fulfilled man will bring you a life abundant of sexual thrill, real world impact, and income.


But again — as I shared in the video below about becoming more confident — none of this is possible if you do not ACT.



So go make it happen. You’ve been given the blueprint.




Go take action along one of these two paths starting first thing tomorrow morning! It’s your time to finally re-connect with your mission as a man — so you can act each day with purpose!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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