In this article, you will uncover 3 exercises you can use to become a non-reactive, confident, “in-control” man who’s the master of his emotions.


I encourage you to read closely, my masculine friend.


Here’s why…


Learning to master your emotions is one of the key ingredients to becoming a highly developed man that women desire and men admire.


If you’ve read David Deida’s book, The Way of the Superior Man, you’ve heard him discuss this.


Way of the Superior Man - Dominate


In the book, he writes how truly developed, masculine men are like a ROCK — strong, nonreactive, and unmoving — even in the face of pressure and adversity.


After reading his book years ago, I knew I wanted to be like this.


I wanted to be that non-reactive badass who always had control over my emotions. Even when everything around me was crumbling…


To me, the quest to become non-reactive was about unlocking my true potential as a man. So that I could be truly powerful and in-control.


Almost like a superhero.


Double Your Confidence in 5 Days


So, over the last 10 or so years I’ve meticulously trained myself to stay nonreactive to external events in my life. While it hasn’t been easy, the benefits have been tangible.


Finally, women treat me with respect. My decisions are far more calculated in business.


And I tend to be treated as a leader without anyone even saying a word, too.


All from training myself to become non-reactive.


Here’s the thing.


Listen closely here…


Training yourself to be non-reactive isn’t easy. But it can be done.


And to give you a “fast pass” towards true emotional mastery…


So that you can be a dominant man who experiences incredible success…


I want to share the 3 strategies I used (and still use) to master my emotions, with you…


Social awkwardness to social freedom


These following three daily exercises absolutely improved my life. They’ve since improved the lives of many of my students… And now? It’s your turn to become more non-reactive and confident. These three exercises will ensure you succeed…


Let’s dive in…


#1: Daily Meditation

Sitting in silence for 10 minutes a day trains you to dissociate from non-productive thoughts and emotions.


As I wrote about right here in this in-depth beginners guide, for men who’re ready to start meditating, you can easily start meditating daily in 3 simple steps.


Meditation Guide for Men: How to Meditate in 3 Easy Steps


And I recommend you do so. Here’s why…


Research shows the benefits of doing so are off the charts.


Here’s how I put it to my clients: meditating does to the mind what lifting weights does for the body. It’s simple: Meditation makes you mentally strong!


Strengthen your mind and your emotions with a daily 10 minute meditation.


#2: Daily Cold Shower

Dousing yourself in cold water — and then choosing not to cringe or flex your muscles — quickly requires you strengthen your ability to stay non-reactive and “loose” under external pressure.


Here, you’re using an icy cold shower each morning to simulate external pressure you’ll soon face in the real world. When you’re being doused with this frigid water, do your best to keep your muscles in both your face and your body relaxed. Once you master this ability, then, start training yourself to smirk or even smile while being frozen to death from the outside!



This exercise, well not well researched for performance benefits just yet, works wonders. You’ll likely notice a tangible improvement in your emotional control within the first 14 days.


This daily practice, which I do to start my days, has tremendously helped me master my emotions.


It also wakes me the hell up and gets me fired up to dominate my day!


#3: Daily Social Judgement

Take 1+ action each day that puts your ego and your emotions on the line.


Put yourself in a place to be judged each day. Whether it be performing live, approaching a cutie, making a sales call, giving a public speech, or some other task that puts yourself on the line…


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try (proven scripts included)


Putting yourself into the world in a way that you’ll be judged requires you to strengthen your emotions and become more non-reactive. You’re using social pressure to improve your ability to stay emotionally calm under stress.


Because just as with anything else, the more you practice putting yourself under pressure, the better you get at mastering it. Here’s why I’m such a strong believer in this exercise. Simply put, nothing made me more detached, calm under pressure, and non-reactive, like repeatedly exposing myself to social pressure did.


Personally, I used (and still primarily use) cold-sales, public speaking, and cold approaching cute women, as the three core “social evaluation actions” to put myself under daily social judgement.


By repeating socially evaluative actions like these on a daily basis, within a month, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your real-world ability to “stay cool” and perform near your peak potential, in the key moments you care about — socially, romantically, and professionally.


Bonus: Diet Control Monday thru Friday

I don’t eat breakfast. And I usually don’t eat lunch. Normally, I just eat one meal a day. There’s substantial evidence to suggest “intermittent fasting” promotes healthy hormonal functioning.


But I diet this way to maintain my emotional control over food. The benefit has been tangible in my quest for elite emotional mastery.


Give people what they want!


Mastering your cravings is without a doubt crucial for becoming a masculine badass who controls his emotions. If you expect to control your life, attract incredible women, and achieve success, you’d sure as hell better control what goes in your mouth!


Note that I usually work in a cheat meal or two a week — usually on the weekends. Mastering your diet Monday thru Friday is sufficient to sharpen your emotional control.


Likewise, mastering control of your caloric intake during the weekdays is also enough to ensure you look good naked! For assistance on how many calories you should eat per day, use and bookmark this link.


Now, here’s the key to become confident and non-reactive…


Doing these exercises, plus dieting, only on occasion wont do anything!  It’s about making these exercises a DAILY HABIT


It’s also FAR easier to make these exercises ingrained habits just ONCE than it is to consciously get yourself to take action as described here for a lifetime!


Ingraining proper habits is the secret to dominate your life — on autopilot!


This Mental Exercise is like Rocket Fuel for Your Peak Potential


Here’s what it comes down to…


If you’re a man who truly wants to unlock your full potential and dominate life, mastering your emotions is an ABSOLUTE must. I recommend committing to these aforementioned strategies.


You must make them habits. 


Sure, it wont be easy at first….


But nothing worthwhile in life is.


All I can promise you is it will be worth it.


That said…


Here’s the simplest way to become a non-reactive badass, fast..


You can easily knock out daily meditation and a daily cold shower with a simple morning ritual. Then, finish it off by challenging yourself to “put yourself on the line” just once each day.


Harvey Specter expects to win


That’s do-able for most of you.


And to ensure you get the job done each day…


Track your daily progress for each exercise.



Personally, I like to hold myself accountable in my daily planner.


Here’s what I recommend: Give yourself 3 checkmarks if you do all three exercises, 2 if you only do 2, and 1 if…


(Well, you get the idea. And besides — just commit to doing all 3 each day! Screw anything less than the best!)


Here’s the punchline: commit to ingraining these three exercises as habits.


Start by tracking these three exercises each day until completing them becomes automatic — and your life will transform.


Seriously — you’ll become a non-reactive, confident man.


As I like to say..


These bad boys play some serious ball 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Ps – if doing everything we’ve just discussed sounds super overwhelming, I recommend you pick just ONE exercise at first.


Take your time and make the one exercise you choose a fully ingrained habit.


Then, once you’ve ingrained that habit, continue adding a second exercise while maintaining the first.


By repeating this process, keep continuing and progressing until you’ve ingrained the full stack!




  1. James F.

    I don’t understand the cold shower. Do you take a shower with only cold water, or do you start off with a regular shower and end it cold, OR do you start it cold and it regular? I’m probably thinking way to hard about this.


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