“The biggest challenge for me is simply going up to a girl, starting a conversation and knowing what to say without the fear of embarrassing myself and miss out by not talking to her at all.”


This is an email Jason recently received from one of you — the readers. So, let’s talk about this. First of all, gents you have to be honest here, if a girl is sexy, make sure you tell her. What do you have to lose?


The easiest thing to do is to say what you are thinking.


Don’t be shy, just say what the heck is on your mind! Along those lines, you should feel proud and righteous when you are up front, honest, and authentic.


Destroy "Palm-Sweating" Approach Anxiety in Just 3-Steps!


Remember — there’s nothing embarrassing about stating your truth.


Now, a concept that is worth introducing here is called the ‘monkey mind’. It’s funny, it plays games with you. Here’s the thing, because your mind has evolved to protect and keep you from danger, it is wired to help you survive.


So those thoughts of self-doubt, negativity and the ‘fear of embarrassing’ yourself comes from your mind trying to protect you from a perceived threat, which often is rejection, which was covered in my last report.


Personally, I have used a countdown concept to help me to take action, before my mind can stop me. Everyone has a different window of time, generally about 5 seconds, to make the move.


You only have a short amount of time.


So what’s the solution? How do you fix this? My personal opinion is to have a mantra, something related to positive self-talk. It can be 5,4,3,2,1 You got this, Ready set go, time for action. Absolutely anything that will get you primed to take action without waiting! 



Take action without delay. The longer you think, the more ‘in your head’ you’ll get. So, use the countdown to ensure you strike while the iron is hot! That’s how you go up to a girl. 


Regarding starting a conversation, it’s really easy, just be confident, natural and most importantly authentic. Did that answer surprise you? There is no gimmick, trick, or one-liner that will help you as much as expressing yourself in the aforementioned fashion!



If this is a girl you have seen before and there is going to be a good chance that you will cross paths today, it is imperative that you visualize the interaction before it happens


What now?


You should visualize yourself walking up to her with strong eye contact, body language and just see everything going well. Picture yourself successfully approaching the woman.


Use all 5 senses in your visualizations. Create a vivid picture — where you’re getting an incredible response from an absolutely stunning girl.  


Note that visualization isn’t some “hocus-pocus” strategy. Rather, this very sort of visualization described here helped Jason, the CEO of PEAK inc., transform his confidence, his career, and his success with women.



I use visualization too, and here’s why:


Consider, your mind loves predictability. So, once you do this ‘drill’ each morning, or before you expect to meet the girl, you will have actually ‘been there already.’ This gives you an immense advantage.


Visualization works.


Why do you think so many world-class athletes envision themselves succeeding on the court before games, after games, and even in the off-season?



By doing the visualization exercise discussed above, your mind will not go into “survival mode” as intensely. From here, you can simply push through and self-talk yourself from all those minor jitters and nervousness.


It’s all on you. The ideas shared in this report are the real deal. But they won’t help you unless you ACT upon them…


Until the next time,

Secret Agent


PS – talk so me, sir. What’s been your biggest takeaway from this report? Or, what would you like to see discussed next? Share in the comments box below…


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