Point blank: you get one life, and then you die. If that’s not a proper reason why you never want a woman to waste your time, I don’t know what is! 


This simple truth is why I have recently purchased two phones. My first phone, an iPhone, is used solely for my career. On the other hand, my secondary phone is a piece of shit made around the turn of the century, and it’s used only for my dating life. 


The reason I use two phones is simple.


I don’t want all the women I’m in communication with to have the easy and immediate access to me. Do you really think I need those types of distractions — when I’m speaking with a billionaire real-estate investor about potentially joining my board of directors? 


You catch my drift! My time is too valuable to be wasted! I hope you feel the exact same way about yourself (and your time!).


If you’re an ambitious guy who’s laser beam focused on making the most of your life, then you need to establish processes that ensure you stay zoned in on what matters most to YOU.



As I wrote about here, women should not be the most important thing in your life, as a man! David Deida’s “The Way of the Superior Man” illustrates why. Should you wish to do a deep dive into that topic, read his book.


Personally, having a business phone and a dating phone allows me to dive into my dating life only when I want to. To be clear, the women in my life do NOT have my business phone — which is of course by design. In turn, this means I can’t get unexpected distractions that pull me away from the success (and the high performance state of being) I demand from myself and my life.


Furthermore, being difficult to get ahold of whilst working makes your dating life that much more potent when you finally do get to using that “dating phone” of yours.


Consider: being difficult to get ahold of inherently makes you more attractive.


This has been one of the extra benefits of having two phones. The fact that I only check my “dating phone” once every day or two means my attention is extremely scarce.


How to Respond to Shit Tests from Women (examples included)


In turn, the women in my life are usually hyper-receptive to quickly act upon my messages and/or calls. The reason is clear — they know I’m not an easy guy to get ahold of.


So, when I do call? They tend to pick up 😉


This helps ensure my dating life fits into my bigger ambitions and vision, which is perfect for me.


As you’re hopefully starting to see, as opposed to organizing my goals around my dating life? I’ve engineered a way for me to make the women in my life fit into my life, and my ambitions.


Do you see the both the mental re-frame — and the lifestyle engineering — that’s taking place with that shift? Consider, if you don’t create the life of your dreams, others will include you in the life of THEIR DREAMS. 


This is the very topic we discuss further in the video imbedded below.


If you’re serious about both dominating your career while enjoying an abundant dating life, then you definitely ought to watch this:


Don’t Let Women Waste Your Time! (Why I Have Two Phones)


Whether you follow my recommendation — and get two phones — is up to you. All I’m encouraging you to do is to consider how much a woman, multiple women, or your dating life in general is pulling you from the most important things in your life.


I’ll wrap up with the same reminder we began with: you get one life. Then, you die. So, don’t waste your fucking time. 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your biggest takeaway from this? Talk to me, JACK. Share in the comments box below…


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