What follows are 7 strategies to be dominant in your social circle. But first? Gents, here’s the punchline:


This article can change your life.


So, here’s the thing about life: There is always going to be a guy more attractive, smarter, taller, muscular than you.


So how do you feel more confident and dominant in these social situations?



If you implement these seven strategies into your life, you WILL dominate not only in your social circle, but this can lift every other area of your life.


So, let’s begin.


Strategy #1 to Be Dominant In Your Social Circle:
The Vocal Test

Can you cut through the noise with an assertive, dominant vocal projection? Can you hit that note? Because to be a dominant, alpha male socially, you have to be able to hit that note.


If not, that’s a problem.


Because in life, certain circumstances will require you to do that. Other than it being attractive to women, other guys WILL test you and tool with you. You have to be able to cut through their noise.


Whether you like it or not, that’s how the world operates.



You have to cultivate the ability to speak in that manner in an instant. So you have to train it, it is a muscle. If you’re unsure how to do so, check out this article.


It teaches you to project your voice — and sound more confident.


Strategy #2 to Be Dominant In Your Social Circle:
Can You Put Your Foot Down — and Own Your Turf?

This second one is super important, you HAVE to be able to put your foot down and own your turf, your territory. This doesn’t necessarily have to be physical in nature, but can also entail standing up for your values, beliefs and mission as a man, no matter who the guy on the receiving end is.


Whether it is in the gym, your sports team, in college, anywhere. Men are always trying to figure out where other men, and themselves for that matter, stack up on the hierarchy. This is extremely common and it is as easy to go up on that hierarchy as it is to go down.


Dr. Jordan Peterson calls this phenomena “The Dominance Hierarchy,” and explains that it exists in virtually all species. The illustration below shows an example of a monkey dominance hierarchy.


The Dominance Heirarchy in Monkeys explains why most men don't get laid


It’s simple: If you do not let people push you around, using Strategy 1, along with this mindset in your everyday life; you’ll become far more alpha.


Strategy #3 to Be Dominant In Your Social Circle:
How Bad Do You Want / Need The Girl vs. The Other Guys?

Let’s be honest here gents, how bad do you want/need the girl? Really. If you are an alpha male on the path of dominating his life as an alpha male then the straight answer is probably no, you don’t want/need the girl at all, definitely.


Of course you can be attracted and even turned on by her, but you have to maintain that certain ‘aloofness’ of nonchalance of ‘yeah I’m interested, but I’m also not at the same time’.


Here’s the punchline: You have to approach at least one attractive girl a day, period. That’s right, cold approach.



Now, imagine doing this every day, suddenly you is always talking to new women, which means you realise that women are EVERYWHERE. You have that macro mindset and you have zoomed out, there are plenty of ‘fish in the ocean’. So you don’t really need the attention nor need the validation or even the approval of an individual woman now do you? The majority of men still do, so that’s a huge bonus if you don’t appear to need the women, you are a rarity, that’s badass.


So to sum this strategy up, the guy who needs the girl less wins.


Strategy #4 to Be Dominant In Your Social Circle:
Build Social Proof / Value With Everyone

Alright gents, first and foremost, you have to be one of the most popular guys, if not the most popular guy in your social circle, otherwise you are losing, big time.


Simply put, you are either at the top of the food chain or you are being prayed on by some other guy.


The man at the top of the food chain is someone that EVERYONE knows. So meet everyone, shake a lot of hands, and mark your presence essentially.



Talking with everyone, by the way, doesn’t mean you have to be a social butterfly. You don’t really have to care about all these people. It’s just for your benefit — as you are simply a cool guy that chats with everyone. Doing this indirectly shows your dominance — the number one trait for alphas.


Strategy #5 to Be Dominant In Your Social Circle:
Never Show Your Disappointment

Never, ever show your disappointment. Doing so is like shooting yourself in the foot. Whether it be losing a sports match to not lifting a certain weight in the gym to being rejected by a girl.


But here is a certain case where many guys fail at this and it is a massive detriment to them.


If a girl likes another guy and you like that girl, don’t be disappointed.


And, if a girl you like is with another guy, just meet other women and in the meantime SUPPORT whatever is going on with the girl you like and the guy. Pump him and her up for each other, play the wingman role for both of them.


Stay Focused. Take Action. Dominate.


What happens here is that you become friends with both of them and if anything where to go wrong with their relationship, you either will continue on having a great bud to add to your social circle, or a stunning girl who’s ‘next choice’ is you.


Strategy #6 to Be Dominant In Your Social Circle:
Must Tease Everyone

Here’s the big play: you must tease everyone and anyone, especially other men. You must tease the taller, more handsome guys, too. Because if you don’t? You won’t be able to win — as teasing other men is one of the secret keys to establishing your dominance within a group.


If you are an afraid to tease a man, he will sense that and mess with you. Framing teasing like a first impression is a good way to think about it, whoever makes the first playful and light-hearted tease, wins.


Now on the other hand, in terms of attractive women, many men are actually afraid as they may lose the girl. They ‘put the pus*y on the pedestal’, such a bad move as the women will then start to play with them and lose interest. Teasing brings a unique flavour to interactions.


How to Respond to Shit Tests from Women (examples included)


Note that this article will help you tease and banter. So check it out. And then? Wear your smirk and tease away.


Strategy #7 to Be Dominant In Your Social Circle:
Become More Physically Dominant

Last but definitely not least is to be physically dominant. Yes there are a lot of genetic factors that come into play and I don’t have to re-state them.


But simply going to the gym, working on big compound lifts, taking up a martial art or even sprinting can do wonders to not only your body, but your confidence. If you look better, you feel better — that’s how it works.


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take action.


Until Next Time,

Secret Agent


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