In no uncertain terms, here is the difference between how most men think versus how dominant men think…


Most men think, and then try, whereas dominant men simply do.


While most men “try” to close a deal, get a date, or land a job, dominant men simply act with intention.


If a dominant man does think, here’s all that goes through his mind. “I want it. I deserve it. So I’m gonna go get it.”


Then, without any further thought, he acts. And he usually gets precisely what he wants.


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It’s his ability to 1) silence the mental chatter, 2) keep things simple between his ears, and 3) take action from this calm mental state, that makes a dominant man so successful.


Unlike most men, who crumble under the pressure to perform, it’s his mental dominance that allows a dominant man to act very near his peak potential on a regular basis.


But how?


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How do dominant men think this way?


Here’s actually the better question: how does a dominant man keep himself from overthinking?


For years, I yearned to know how dominant men made success, getting dating results, and truly dominating, so simple. It’s why I’ve voraciously read hundreds of books and sought out world-class mentors, for years now…



I’ve since learned the secret, and I can tell you that it’ll make all the difference in your life.


Here it is…


Elevate your internal standard for results higher than what anybody else (your boss, coach, family, friends, etc.) could possibly expect out of you.


Because once your standards elevate to such an extreme level, you’ll do whatever it takes to reach them.


You’ll take more action, read more books, seek out better mentors, invest in more elite trainings, and really, you’ll do WHATEVER is necessary…


This relentless willingness to do whatever it takes — over a long period of time — ultimately gives dominant men a deep bedrock of experience. As a result of years of practice and experience, dominant men can perform under pressure with ease.


It’s because a dominant man acts, not from a “thinking” place psychologists call conscious competence, but from an “automatic” place called unconscious competence.



Said simply — he’s able to dominate on autopilot.


A dominant man is so fucking good at what he does, because he’s so experienced and thus so confident, that he literally doesn’t need to think when he acts. As Aristotle put it, he’s made excellence a habit.


But don’t forget, this ability to turn off the over-analytical mind — that plagues the mass majority of men — stems from having ridiculously high internal standards.


Because nobody without insanely high standards would put in the years of work required to become truly dominant.


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Side exercise: write down 10 reasons why you’d LOVE to be your most dominant self. Then, write 10 reasons why you’re SICK AND TIRED of not being your most dominant self.


Now, remember this…


Dominant men do literally anything — year after year — to meet and then exceed their ridiculously high standards. 


As ET puts it, you’ve got to need to succeed as bad as you need to breathe oxygen, to be successful.


And YES — dominant men NEED to succeed as bad as they need to breathe!



Here’s a key distinction: once your standards for success reach a ridiculously high level, a level that most people simply cannot understand, you’ll no longer feel pressure from others.


This is a massive pillar that influences how dominant men think.


Consider the following:


If your internal standards were insanely high, virtually the only person that would actually put pressure on you, would be you.


This, is precisely why dominant men keep on dominating (while attracting the best sex lives and the biggest bank accounts).


And sure, they like the sex and the money. But dominant men motivate themselves, not chiefly by the opinions others have of them, nor by hedonistic pleasure alone, but mostly by their ridiculously high standards.


Their ridiculously high standards is precisely why dominant men dominate. It’s why they often intimidate, too.


This quote from Harvey Specter, the fictional character from Suits, sums up how dominant men think best…


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To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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