What follows are 3 secrets to be a dominant alpha male.


Let’s skip the intro and get right into this…



Mastering your sub communications is critically important to become a DOMINANT ALPHA male, as this is the channel that ‘speaks’ the loudest. Interestingly, most people are thinking of the wittiest things to say or even funny one-liners to strike a strong impression.


But the key takeaway for you here gents is that verbal communication accounts for only ten percent of how people in the world perceive you.


Over 90% of all communication is sub-communication. Don’t believe me? Just look at the following:



In terms for us guys, we have it a lot simpler than our female counterparts, yet this doesn’t mean you take this notion for granted and miss these pivotal steps.


Sub-communication includes things like style and the way you dress. Your visual appearance is where people will make a quick impression of you.



They can assume a lot of different things as well, so you want to put together an outfit that matches your brand, where you are going, and the dominant alpha imprint you want to leave wherever you go.


Ask yourself the basics, am I wearing clean clothes? Are they tailored? Ironed? Etc.


If you want to be an alpha male you must look like an alpha. Don’t carry yourself like a schmuck, carry yourself like a boss. Even take care of the little details that we often look over such as trimming your fingernails, maintaining a sharp haircut, smelling nice.


It all adds up.



Simply slowing things down just a little bit can make a significant difference. This involves walking just a little slower, holding eye contact a little longer, holding handshakes a little firmer.


This is an extremely important nuance to wire in your daily life. Why don’t you…


Give yourself a challenge and try and do everything you do at 50 percent speed for the next 24 hours.



After completing this simple, yet complex challenge, you will realise that you can move much more slowly and gracefully through the world than you think you can, lets dive deeper here.


Picture yourself at a zoo, near the gorilla enclosure and watch how they interact with one another. You will eventually identify the ‘king’ gorilla, the alpha, boss, badass gorilla.


And he’ll be the least fidgety, most composed gorilla in the cage — guaranteed.



Simply put, the move much more slowly and gracefully through the enclosure, have a certain ‘aloofness’ — yet an intentional and purposeful about the way the are walking. This is alpha male body language. 


Move like the alpha-gorilla. 


Doing so will help you be perceived as a dominant alpha male. 



The mental framework of thinking that you already have everything you need is a deep mindset that will help you make better first impressions and promote your vision of being a dominant alpha, if you apply this correctly.


It is knowing that you’re already good.


Deep down remember: you don’t need anything from anyone.


Although this shouldn’t be confused with wants or desire (e.g. improved sex life, better job etc.). After establishing this, you can progress to taking less from people and giving more, a slick alpha trait.


If you are familiar with the business/marketing world you would’ve been acquainted with Gary Vaynerchuck (if you don’t know him, you are missing out big time) and his value rule of 51/49.



Which is always giving 51 percent and taking 49% in life, in everything he does.


Giving a little more than you take leads to you being more likeable (as you are non-needy, unselfish and focused on other people) which leads to you becoming a person of value that establishes immediately to a dominant alpha position. 



One masculine, alpha trait that is an essential and couldn’t be left out of this article. This is so easy to implement in your life gents. Just by being a little more at ease than everyone else, playful and lighter makes a HUGE impact.


It is powerful how people will make an impression of you in a shockingly positive way to build rapport, connections and an alpha vibe. The world is fundamentally negative with the news, social media etc. 


Being a beacon of light-heartedness can change your life. 


Here’s what this looks like:



You’re cracking jokes, you’re playful, you’re comfortable in your own skin you’re asking questions of people, you’re getting to know them and you’re letting them talk about the things they’re passionate about.


If you haven’t already got the memo, people love to talk about the things they are passionate about, this is the truth for everyone. They might be reserved or shy at first, but the alpha light-heartedness vibe you bring can energise them to talk about this. Most people are introverted, keep that in mind. 


At the end of it all you are creating an upward spiral for yourself as you are just entertaining yourself. Nothing’s better than that.



So, to wrap up gents you’re just giving great energy, fun, easy to be around, comfortable in your own skin, offering to help/ add value, being cool, looking to make the lives of others better, taking your time, being slow, graceful, controlled, not frenetic. 


That’s being dominant, being alpha.

It’s just as easy to be alpha than it is to be beta. Just by tweaking your mindset you can flip the script. This should not be a mask you put on, of course not, because you must keep wearing the mask and that can be tiresome.


It is much easier & beneficial to ingrain over a long term than to fake on a short term. Gradually apply these concepts to your life. There will be guys like that who will test you as you carry yourself more and more alpha, so it’s more challenging.


Yes, life may be more challenging in some ways when you adopt an alpha role in the world and you really do carry yourself like an alpha, that is practical but it’s not harder to carry yourself like an alpha in the first place, it’s just a new way of carrying yourself.


Be the kind of man who would naturally be dominant, do the things that a dominant man would do, do the things that Alpha would do, and you will soon transform into a dominant alpha yourself.


Focus on transformation, not a quick fix: that’s the punch line.


Until the next time,

The Secret Agent



  1. Brett H

    Excellent piece — remembering to slow down and stay lighthearted are both crucial.

    Looking forward to more content from the new peak secret agent!

    • Secret Agent

      Thanks for the feedback,remembering to slow down as well as staying lighthearted are priceless and yes, crucial.
      Stay tuned for more…


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