By being direct, I mean that you quickly express your sexual interest when you first meet a woman. A direct approach is honest, up-front, and straight-up. On the other hand, an indirect approach is just that — indirect. For example, “Hi, where’s the closest Starbucks?”


Personally, I teach guys to be direct with women.


However, there are other guys teaching dating who disagree. One such individual, “AMS” or Alpha Male Strategies as he goes by on youtube, has a different philosophy regarding being direct.


In the video imbedded below, whether being direct or indirect when you meet a woman, is discussed…


Why I Disagree with AMS About Being Direct


If you watched the video above, you know that I love being direct because it allows me to create the perception that I’m reckless, hyper-confident, and almost “God-like.”


However, this is absolutely NOT the #1 reason I recommend ambitious guys be direct when meeting women…


The number one reason I believe in being direct with women is because being direct saves you time!



As I always say, time is your ultimate asset. However, just as AMS has a different viewpoint regarding being direct? So do some of the readers here. One individual recently wrote me the following…


“Lets talk about Robert Greene. He wrote ‘The Art of Seduction’ and one of his chapters said being indirect is the heart of seduction — being friendly and showing her who you really are. Then, turn it slowly with touch or a gaze — that you like her. Then, turn into her boyfriend. Robert Greene studies this stuff from history — the most seductive men on earth. He says, to be charismatic is to be indirect.”


Robert Greene


I replied to this comment with the following…


“I’ve read 48 laws by Greene. excellent book — but remember Robert’s a writer, not a practitioner. For one, acting like her friend is a surefire way to get put into the friend zone. But that’s secondary. My most important point is this: women matter less than your mission. If you want to use Robert’s laws? I recommend deploying them where it matters most: your career, impact, income, and mission as a man.  But with women? Be direct to save yourself mental energy & TIME. You don’t need to be clever to get laid. Just be honest.”


I can’t really put it more clearly than this.


In my estimation, as I discussed here, your mission as a man is the most important facet of your life. Save your subtle social indirect skills for what matters. With women? Conserve your time. Be direct.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your takeaway from this one? Share in the comments box below…


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