Direct game is the topic of discussion sir. You’re about to learn why “be honest, get laid” is a real philosophy that you should absolutely embrace as a single man — if you’re both ambitious and sexual — starting immediately. But before we dive in, know that you and I are about to go suuuuper deep…




What follows is a discussion far deeper than just “getting girls.”


In fact? You’re going to learn how your sex life (and getting a lot of it!) directly relates to… your tombstone.



And while thinking about your tombstone (and the fact that you sure as hell wont live forever!) may sound pretty “heavy,” it doesn’t have to be.


In fact, let’s shift gears regarding how we approach this whole topic…


Cuz after all?


We are talking about how YOU can get lots of incredible sex in your life, dominate your career, make a big time impact on the world, AND stack a whooole lot of digits into your bank account (if you play your cards right)…


How to Master a Woman's Games


Speaking of cards? You see, the video and corresponding article below aims to ensure your sex life is complimenting your overall success, impact, and happiness as a man.


The name of the game is ensuring you’re playing the overall game of life in a way that serves you on every level (instead of just doing well sexually at the expense of other key areas of your life, which is what most “gurus” and “pua’s” usually teach).


*Cough, stay out to 3am chasing women, cough*


Nah, that’s not what we’re talking about here. How in the hell can you expect to make a ton of money, provide for your loved ones, and be your best self as a man if you’re spending (no, wasting!) your time in nightclubs all the time — trying to get laid?


What we’re discussing here is how to incorporate a killer sex life into your overall life — so that you have it all.



Definitely don’t miss this one, champ. Watch the video below.


Then? Continue onto the article below…


Why “Direct Game” Is The Superior Way to Sex, Success, & Impact 


It’s simple, my masculine friend. If you’re committed to unlocking your potential, achieving success, and making a real impact on the world?


Then remember this:


TIME is your ultimate asset. 



Let’s not sugarcoat the truth: we only live so long. And the clock is always ticking. Wouldn’t you agree?


Whether we like it or not, each day we live takes us one day closer to the grave! Given this logical truth, if you’re ambitious, then the days of your life are the ultimate resource you must make the most of!


It’s the fundamental value of time that leads me to ALWAYS recommend that ambitious guys who also want a killer sex life meet women (and unlock their sexual desires) using “direct game.”


Here, let me break this down…


First of all? To be clear, direct game is simply being direct, honest, and upfront about your intentions when you meet women.


For example, instead of asking a girl “where the coffee shop is located” which is inherently being indirect, I recommend you be direct and immediately say, “Damn, you look incredible Miss, what’s your name? I’m Jason.”


Destroy "Palm-Sweating" Approach Anxiety in Just 3-Steps!


See, by embracing direct game, what you do is two-fold. First, you immediately lay down your intention. By doing so, not only can you sleep well each night because you know you’ve conducted yourself honestly, but you also save yourself time!


Whereas guys who go “indirect” usually need multiple dates before they experience the sex they honestly wanted? Direct game ensures you polarize women to either jump your bones or head in the opposite direction!


Direct game is the clear choice for ambitious men who want to both 1) be successful, and 2) unlock an abundant sex life!


Consider: the greatest men in history aren’t known for their relationship with their girlfriend or wife! They’re known for the changes they made upon the world! Be like these men!


Just think: if Elon saw a hot-ass chick, do you really think he’d “beat around the bush”, be indirect, and ask her “where the closest STARBUCKS is located”?



I hope you already know the motherfucking answer, dude! Of course not! Elon FUCKING Musk doesn’t have time for petty bullshit like that! The dude’s literally trying to ensure his tombstone ends up on Mars!


This is the ultimate case and point for why direct game is the only way for modern, ambitious single men to proceed. Screw all that gamey, canned, bullshit that 1997 pickup “artists” were teaching, that the “new agey PUA guys” are re-hashing!


Here’s what the winners do (and what I recommend you start doing, too!):


Focus 90% of your energy upon making the impact (and achieving the success) you know you’re capable of! I say: spend the vast majority of your waking hours making your money, dominating your life, all while you’re changing the motherfucking world.


Then? With your free 10% of your time? When you’re not crushing your life and your career?


Be bold! Be direct!


How to instantly turn on women


Let her know you think she’s sexy as hell (if this is indeed what ya think)!


She’ll either love it, or get turned off by it, right away. And guess what? Either way plays ball. Here’s why…


First, if she does not vibe with your direct style — right outta the gate? No problem. You literally only spent ten fucking seconds on the interaction! By being direct from minuto numero uno (the first minute)? You’ve saved yourself your most prized asset — time!


All you gotta do if she’s not vibing is say, “Eh, I changed my mind about you. Hasta luego — I’m getting the hell outta here — peace”


Then? Leave with a big fuckin’ smile on your face. Which you’ve earned the right to do when you approach women direct as fuck, by the way, since you’ve literally just 1) made a bold move that 95% simply cannot comprehend doing, 2) saved yourself a lot of time, 3) taken an action that will only make you more sexually, socially, and professionally confident in the future! Veryy niiiice!



Then, on the other hand? When you’re direct as hell? And once you believe that being honest, direct, sexual, and real is the BIGGEST GIFT you could give both yourself AND the women?


You WILL find many women immediately LOVE your bold, sexual confidence.


Yes — this means we as men must kiss the days of lying to women to get laid goodbye! — and trade in telling her “you’re completely different than any girl I’ve met” for “I seriously would love to rip your damned clothes of chica — damn!”



When you make this shift? And immediately lay down some verbally sexual truth — with women? Instead of pretending you’re curious whether she prefers “the west coast or the east coast”? You’ll polarize a LOT of women to you sexually! Again, you’ll be surprised how many chicks instantly get turned on by your honest audacity.


By the way, let’s cue up one of those corny pictures about how honesty is the virtue of all virtues (the stuff they put on the walls back when you were in school), because that’s the righteous pride you’ve gotta feel to pull this off, by the way!


Here we go…


be honest, get laid, save time.


If I were teaching, I’d put another ‘deep’ looking photo with the following wisdom…


“Be honest, get laid”




Here’s the point: you must be prideful and confident that being sexually honest up front is a wonderful way to carry yourself as a man! This very “internal pride” is what translates into sexual success for you. If you feel guilt about being sexually honest, on the other hand? You will struggle.


So remember the corny “honesty is the virtue of all virtues” stuff you learned in 7th grade! Embrace your honesty, sir!




Here’s what to look for — to tell that she’s into you:


First? You’ll see her eyes flicker. Next? She’ll immediately give you her full attention. You’ll see her whole body (from head to toe) is fully facing you. Then lastly? Just look for her to start smiling uncontrollably (even if she’s calling you crazy or insane or whatever). When you see these signs from a direct approach?


Just know — you’ve literally just made her panties wet.


Why I Told a Model to F*ck Off (Unfiltered Truth)


Which means? She’ll be half way ready to sleep with you — without you having to invest more time than it takes to buy a cup of coffee. This is only possible when you’ve started the whole thing off with the sexual facts (that you’re into the idea of ripping her damned clothes off as soon as humanly motherfucking possible)!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your biggest takeaway from this? I want to hear from YOU. Talk to me in the comments box below (use a pen-name if you’d like to keep your identity concealed)…


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