I just got an email from a regular reader about his real struggle with approach anxiety.


I want to share our conversation with you, because I just gave him a golden, step-by-step solution so that he never has to struggle with guy-wrenching social anxiety again…


And you’re about to get the same in-depth detail I gave him, so that you never have to struggle with approach anxiety either!


To ensure his privacy, we’ll call our reader Adam…


Let’s dive in to this real story. Here’s what he said…


“Hey there,


Just watched your video on creating (dating) abundance and I’m literally sweating. I’ve always had confidence once I’m in a date or situation with a woman. But for me the hardest step is making the first move and going up and saying hello.


Like my palms literally were sweating as I heard your command to go and approach.


I’ve been reading David Deida and have done a tonne of meditation so I’m quite centered and grounded. I’m at the point where I couldn’t care less of the outcome, but the anxiety of an approach is still there.


If you have any final tips that’d be great.


Thanks for the great content man.”


Those are Adam’s honest words. And he’s spot on: approach anxiety can be paralyzing!


It’s why I want to share the in-depth step-by-step answer I wrote back to him, so that he, nor YOU, ever have to deal with that sharp “palm sweating” approach anxiety again!


Social awkwardness to social freedom


Here’s how to become free of crippling, palm sweating approach anxiety…


Hey Adam, thanks for the in-depth feedback.


First, I know how anxiety-provoking it can be to approach. I really do. But it’s gotta be done. Let me start with this: the more you approach, the easier it gets.


The change is linear — meaning the more you approach, the less anxious you get. And the change is quite predictable.


See this graph…


Repeated Action is How You Desensitize Fear


So, how do you get to the “fear free” side of that graph — way down at the bottom right?


Here’s the exact steps I’d lead a client who was paying me thousands thru, to destroy his approach anxiety once and for all…


Your treat, since this in-depth feedback is freeeee! 😉


First, here are 5 strategies that will help you break thru — and make those initial few approaches — even though you’ll feel lots of anxiety beforehand. Trust me: after you do a few approaches, everything gets easier (for a lifetime).


Next, be sure to put into play the L-V-R Confidence Building Sequence each time you approach. This is paramount for destroying your approach anxiety and replacing it with confidence. You can get instant access to that training — and learn how to use The Confidence Building Sequence — for free, right here.


Then, once you’ve learned the strategies for taking action, and you get how to use the Confidence Building Sequence, go put what you’ve learned into play by taking action! Meaning yes, you gotta go talk to chicks!



Here’s my step-by-step recommendation for you (pay close attention)…


1) First, learn those 5 strategies for taking action amid fear and anxiety, so that you have tools to push thru the sharp moments of anxiety.


2) Second, discover how to use the L-V-R Confidence Building Sequence, so that you build confidence from each approach — regardless of outcome.


3) Then, go take action using what you’ve learned here, by approaching women ASAP! Because in the game of getting rid of approach anxiety, it makes sense to rip off the bandaid fast!


*Bonus) Instead of directly approaching women out-right, if you’re feeling deathly anxious again as you described, start by giving a compliment to cute women each day, for a week, as I wrote about here.


It’s as simple as following these three steps. Use the bonus tip to optimize the difficulty of this challenge — so that you can FOLLOW THRU and keep taking action!


Because taking action by APPROACHING is the secret to destroying approach anxiety once and for all.



It’s simple: unless you wanna rot your liver (and your personal confidence) by taking Xanax or drinking whiskey for your whole life, there is no magic pill here.


Facing your anxiety head on is the only sustainable solution. And luckily for you, the resources linked up above these words will make this process far easier — and more rapid!


So take action upon these three steps once, so that this problem never plagues you again! 


Wishing you luck, my friend.


Keep me posted. 🙂


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Ps – If you take action on those three steps described above (and apply the bonus tip if you’re particularly anxious), you WILL destroy your social anxiety! You WILL end the days of overwhelming fear, the sweaty palms, and the dry mouth! So get out there! You CAN do this!


Pss – Want me to guide you and motivate you thru this process, step-by-step? Apply to work with me one-on-one here, so that you can destroy your approach anxiety for good! — and replace your anxiety with steel-strength-confidence women can’t help but crave!


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