You’re about to learn how to create dating abundance from scratch.


This blog post stems from a question I received in my email inbox just the other day.


Here’s what our guy wrote in…


Hey Jason, I listened to your recent podcast. And you talked about cold approaching versus social circle. Specifically you said that at some point, you can only use social circle. So, my question for you is when is it appropriate to start meeting women only through social circle? And for how long should I cold approach? Thank you very much.


I respond to this question — and reveal how to create dating abundance from scratch — in the newest video I just released.




You heard it here first, man! If your dating life isn’t where you like, due to lacking the requisite social skills and/or confidence, then start cold approaching!


Aim to knock out a thousand cold approaches over the next year!


Yes, I know this is a big challenge! But it’s worth it!


Not only for your dating success, but also for your social skills and your confidence — which you can use to advance in your career!


Taking on this cold approach challenge will definitely force you to improve your nuanced social skills, your body language, your eye contact, your ability to flirt and banter, your conversational pacing, and your overall confidence.


After doing a thousand cold approaches? You’ll be in a completely improved position — both with women and in life!


For one? Your coworkers and superiors will notice a radical difference in your disposition professionally. Furthermore, you’ll absolutely be enjoying a whole new level of dating abundance. (Even if you’re looking to create dating abundance from scratch!)


As I wrote about here, once you get decent at cold approach — just doing one cold approach a day goes a long long way… 😉


And with your newfound confidence and social skill set (that you’ll undoubtedly develop from doing lots of cold approaches), you’ll be able to easily unlock even more dating abundance with social circle.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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  1. Joe Blow

    definitely something that has a lot of benefits and gets easier every time you do it. and really, by being friendly to a lot of people you improve the world at the same time.


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