Ever heard of The Dan Pena QLA Castle Seminar?


It’s a business seminar conducted in Guthrie, Scotland in Dan’s castle. I attended in November of 2018. And in this one, I want to give a straight-forward review of the seminar.


Put simply, I recommend Dan Pena’s QLA Castle Seminar for individuals who: 1) want to get whipped into shape, and/or 2) would like to learn his step-by-step process for how to buy revenue instead of creating it. Essentially, Dan teaches you to acquire businesses in a moral, ethical, legal way — and profit.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


The video below dives deeper — and gives you the ice cold truth. If you’re curious to see the “inside scoop” from a November 2018 attendee, then this video — with exclusive QLA attendence insight — is just for you.


Let’s dive right in, right here:

Dan Pena QLA Castle Seminar Review


Tactically, Dan Pena’s business philosophy is genius. 


His principle of “buying revenue, instead of creating it” opens the gate to a fundamentally different way of growing a business. He oulines a clear step-by-step process virtually anyone with 1) a strong work ethic, and 2) some courage, can follow — to buy a business from scratch.


If you decide to go to the seminar, I recommend signing up early so that you can stay in the castle, instead of living in a different house located about his massive ~250 acre estate.


Dan Pena QLA Castle Seminar  Review Jason Rogers


Here’s what makes Dan’s QLA teachings (and seminar) worthwhile:


Dan teaches you with the assumption that you have virtually no business experience. This means — if you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone AND take massive action — following his teachings can be a huge opportunity for you.


Personally, I’ve left the seminar completely more competent as a business person. It’s, to be candid, difficult to put into words how much my mindset and skill-set expanded — in regards to business, wealth creation, and entrepreneurship. I know that sounds “cliche” and “testimonial-ey,” but it’s the no bullshit best way I can put my “takeaway” regarding his business teachings.


I’m extremely grateful for what I learned regarding business, finance, M&A, and entrepreneurship — at Dan’s QLA Castle Seminar. Dan’s seminar literally felt like I soaked up M.B.A. program’s worth of “money making value” in 8 days. It’s why I’m committed to helping you benefit from what I’ve learned — I deeply want to pay it forward.


So, I’ve put together a sweet opportunity for you. It’s simple. If you’d like my insight into how to buy revenue and create wealth each week as I execute QLA step-by-step, join me by subscribing to my email list.


Update: how my content is evolving in 2019


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Before wrapping up, I will now share the two downsides to attending the QLA Castle Seminar.


The first “downside” is the price.


I believe it costs about $15k USD. The price drops if you’re a student, or if you own a business. Nevertheless, the price is definitely over $10k — regardless of your situation.


While this price-tag may deter the majority, I will say that paying ~$15k has benefits. Namely, the price ensures you fully pay attention. Likewise, that investment gets you skin in the game — which I’ve seen first hand is a powerful lever for getting people to take massive action!


The other “downside” is Dan Pena himself.


I’ll cut to the chase:


Dan will talk to you like you’re a piece of shit. For some attendees, Dan’s style of communication motivates.  To others, he agitates. But the truth is the truth — you will not be spoken to with a metric ounce of respect.


Nevertheless, The Dan Pena QLA Castle Seminar is the real deal. 


It’s the only seminar I’m personally recommending in 2019. Of course, I recommend it so highly that I’m starting a business following it’s very teachings. Stay tuned…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Ps – Know that following Dan’s QLA process requires a strong comfort with financial risk — along with steely commitment to success. To execute QLA successfully, you’ll need to make thousands of calls to people — none of whom will know you from an acorn. Thick skin will be required.


Pss – Do you have any questions? What’s been your biggest takeaway from this report? Share in the comments box below…


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