Do you want to be confident and smooth like Neal Caffrey? If so, I can relate. Neal Caffrey has it all. The smooth moves, the core confidence, the style, the smarts, and the grace.


Learn to be smooth and confident like Neal Caffrey. 


You’re in the right spot. In this in-depth breakdown blog post, you’re going to first learn powerful keys you can use to instantly be more charismatic like Neal Caffrey. Sound good? Let’s get into it.



Key #1: Hold Excellent Posture

We’ve all been told, “stand up straight!” But Neal Caffrey takes posture to another level.


It isn’t only his body language that is impeccable, but also, his “facial posture.”


He’s always standing tall, strutting even, while smiling, smirking, or sending positivity from his non-verbal facial cues.


Hold Yourself Up High like Neal Caffrey


This not only fuels more confidence within himself, as shown in studies, but it also gives others positive feelings about him.


When you take control of your overall posture, both your body language and your facial expressions, when combined, you create a positive self-fulfilling prophecy that generates more confidence and more smooth social interactions into your day to day life.




#2: Master the Art of Being Witty

There’s no doubt, one endearing trait Neal Caffrey exudes in abundance is his witty, charming sense of humor. Whether it be his sarcasm or his playful teasing, Neal remains witty more than almost everybody he interacts with in White Collar.


But how can you develop this trait?


The number one mistake many guys make here is they “try to be funny,” and plan jokes ahead of time with the intent on using them in a specific moment.


Now, while some have the ability to tell canned jokes to great effect, you’ll notice that Neal’s humor is expressed spontaneously. It’s extemporaneous. That’s wit, personified. How can you develop this skill?


The first secret is in staying present to the moment. Notice how smoothly Neal seems to flow, basking in the moment. Follow his lead.  Don’t think ahead about what you’re going to say. When you stay present, your mind becomes more creative. You’ll be able to speak your thoughts into reality in real time.


Stay Witty Like Neal Caffrey


You’ll also feel less disease, and thus, more confidence. But why does speaking in the moment work so well socially?


Because often, our first gut response to a situation is what others find hilarious. It’s unfiltered, it’s natural, it’s authentic, and yes, it’s witty. While this ability, to be witty by staying present, does take practice, it’s worth it.


Start staying present, speaking your mind as thoughts permeate, and see the difference. You’ll start feeling like Neal!


Oh and ps, the second secret here is to stop “needing” to be witty. The “try-hard” trait is the very opposite of being witty, and as you’ve seen in White Collar, Neil never looks needy.


He looks relaxed and content when sharing his witty musings, which gives others a comfortable space to enjoy his humor without any pressure.



#3: Assume the Sale with a Smile

Whether you’re in “sales” or not, you’re selling every single day. Whether it’s: where you and your buddy go to eat, to convince the girl to go out with you, or it’s whether or not you should be given a promotion, learning to sell is invaluable.


It’s a matter of persuasion. Everyone wants to get what they want. Enter: Neal Caffrey. Neal Caffrey is a very persuasive individual.


Wear a Big Smile like Neal Caffrey


While his persuasion tactics could easily be a future blog post by itself, one trait that you absolutely should adopt to be more smooth and more confident around others is the ability to persuade and assume the sale with a smile.


Throughout the show, Neal, while exuding his light, playful, witty self, will simultaneously persuade others, like Peter, to do exactly what he wants him to.


A huge smile is massively persuasive. It’s infectious.


It shows you’re healthy and happy.


This energy is felt, and appreciated by, others. It implies, through your sub-communication, that you believe in what you’re “selling,” or offering. Others are drawn to people who believe in what they say.


And while the smile may not be the direct reason why you persuade better, it certainly aids your cause.


Others are persuaded and sold to by people whom we like. When you have something you want another person to take action upon, make sure you’re doing so with a big old Neal Caffrey smile on your face.


It will serve you well. Your negotiation will be more smooth, will be more confidently delivered, and odds are, you’ll get what you want. Just like Neal Caffrey.


So far so good, huh?


Bonus: Continue investing in improving your smooth social skills and your confidence as a man.


To help you master these areas of your life, I put together an awesome FREE training for you. Click the big red button and get instant access. I’ll see ya in a second…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers



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  1. Evan

    Really liked your analysis Jason, thank you


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