What follows are the six most important strategies that Jason & I deem to be essential for any man to succeed. Implement these six life-changing tools if you desire to grow, develop and be that successful, dominant, alpha male.


Gents, are you ready for this? Without further delay, let’s get this rolling…


Strategy #1 to Succeed:
Pick a Niche and Dominate It

You have to find a niche, or an area of specialisation, if you want to truly achieve success as a man. This can have a large impact on your life, yet it is so simple. In the job market, everyone is saying to become a ‘generalist’, possess a ‘wide range of skills’ and essentially be referred to as a ‘jack of all trades’.


Okay, let me put forward this…


In the medical world, there are several doctors, but a key difference is the General Practitioner vs. The Specialist. A General Practitioner is someone that sees multiple patients a day for issues such as a cold, sore back and other ‘general’ issues. On the other hand, a Specialist is someone that deals with more impactful issues such as a heart problem, broken bone or even a brain surgery.


So, which doctor is going to make out better when he deposits his earnings in the bank? The specialist or the generalist?



Who do you think gets a larger income? The Specialist of course. To give context, a quick Google search shows the average general practitioner makes $189,000 a year, whereas the average heart surgeon makes $512,000 per year. 


Doctors (like virtually all professionals) earn more as they ‘specialise’ in certain health issues and are more educated & experienced to deal with them. These people are masters of their craft. They know everything and everything about their field of expertise. We can rely on them to get the job done.


So here’s the thing…


If you are attempting to master ten skills, you will not achieve much, as you are not nailing down a certain skill! You simply don’t live long enough! Trying to master everything is a sure fire way NOT to succeed! Remember this…


Time is the ultimate resource.



Never forget, your time is limited and life pays those who are THE BEST! So get clear, get specific, and dominate your niche!


Specialists will always continue to get paid large amounts of money as people need their skills & services, whereas generalists are common & replaceable. The majority of people are ‘general’ but the ones who are the the best in the world at what they do, specialise in one thing and go all in.


Here’s something for you, pick one skill to master in the next five years, visualise how much money people would pay you to do that (if money is your motivator, it could be women or fame etc.) and continue to learn skills that people value/utility in the future, you will be unstoppable.


Life pays to those who are the best. So get clear, specific and dominate.


Strategy #2 to Succeed:
Get in a Winning Environment

This strategy is huge. Without any shadow of a doubt, you have to get in a winning environment. You have to be relentless with this. Surround yourself with positive, ambitious individuals, work in a successful company, watch inspiring YouTube videos, you get the idea gents.


Dominate by Mastering Your Emotions - Part 2


Every single thing you come into contact with in the world, you absorb and get influenced, whether you know it or not. Essentially, your brain is like a sponge and it sucks all ‘data’ around you. You have to be extremely precise with what your brain absorbs as it affects your way of thinking, your mindset.


Knowing that, if you put yourself in a negative, ‘glass half empty’ environment with people who are lazy and aren’t ambitious, you will become like that. This may sound very ‘hokey’ and ‘cliché’ but it is certainly true.


You have to limit interactions with people who are anchoring you down from your peak potential. When you do so? Suddenly it becomes almost impossible not to surge forward. 


You should only put yourself in environments where you can grow — that motivate you to get further than where you are now. So what are you waiting for? Take action on this within the next day. It’s paramount to ensuring you succeed.


Strategy #3 to Succeed:
Embrace Your Weaknesses

The common mistake that men make is that they are ashamed, embarrassed, or simply ignorant of the areas that they aren’t good at.  That is a fair way to feel, as it is very ‘uncool’ and ‘beta’ to show any sign of weakness.


But is you do this in the right manner, work on them in private and hide them from public, this can be an absolute game changer for you. Let’s bring Jason’s story here, the founder & CEO of PEAK.



He was really average at the accounting side of things that he ignored that and tried to avoid thinking about it. He continued to repress that as he was almost embarrassed about the notion of not being good with taxes and numbers, which is incredibly important for managing a business, he experienced numerous problems as he…


Didn’t focus on the weakness and didn’t create a plan of action to turn the weakness into strength.


The world is an interesting place, if you’re taking action in it, it will give you feedback.


Jason came up with a solution (and it is something you can use in your own life…)


He decided that he can either improve the skill himself or delegate it to someone who is really skilled and experienced at that particular thing. (He chose the later). And by doing so? Now he can optimise on his strengths, which is helping men like you and I dominate.



You can either improve on your weaknesses, or choose to delegate them.


Simply put, you have to be honest with yourself, because if you are not? You are only cheating yourself out of the benefit. Get coaching or mentorship, take training programs, or hire someone. But do everything you can do bridge the gap between your strengths and weaknesses daily (either personally or by bringing in help) and you will be heading on the path to succeed. 


BONUS Strategy to Succeed:
Work Your Ass Off

If your desires, goals and dreams are big enough you have to be willing to work hard. It simply comes down to economics. If you demand a big result in your life, the work has to supply that. There is no secret, trick or hack, you have to be willing to work harder and longer than your competition, day in and day out.


Just study the legends, like Elon, Kobe, Schwarzenegger, and MJ. The one trait they each share? Insane work ethic. Elon is famous for saying he accomplishes in 3 months what most achieve in a year. His secret to his insane output?


He works an average of 100 hours a week.



These guys know the competition is always working, so they have to work even harder. But, you say you don’t have competition? Even if that is true? Having no competition is never an excuse because you are always competing with the man in the mirror, yourself.


You have to be a better version of yourself, every day. Not to sound like a life coach here, but people that claim that ‘working smart’ instead of hard are claiming wrong, you have to do both. 


Work hard, harder than anyone and the hardest you ever have.


Strategy #4 to Succeed:
Use ALL Your Desires to Drive You

As a dominant, alpha male you have to use all your desires to drive you forward. This can include your goals, your dreams, your insecurities, your desire for wealth/success, giving back or an abundance of other motivating factors – use it all.


In the modern day world, several men (maybe including you) desire to have lots of sex with different women that are beautiful, but are shy about it and don’t want to talk about it. Several men, in a similar sense, don’t want to talk about their career aspirations, being successful and making lots of money. All of the above are known as ‘taboo’ subjects and are avoided in conversation.


But here’s the thing, my friend… If you repress your honest & real desire to do, you are shooting yourself in the foot.


Essentially, by repressing your desires you are literally sucking out any of the fuel that could give you success. It motivates and inspires you to progress.


Use your desires as an extra resource to drive you.


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Success is going to look different for you & every other badass reading this article, you all have specific goals and dreams.


They are going to be different to mine, or Jason’s, yet we all can share this universal tool. 


Tap into EVERYTHING, the good, bad and even ugly.


So gents connect with all your desires and write them down. By doing so? You are going to have next level motivation to take action! And trust me, as you’re going to see along this journey? You’re going to need every ounce of motivation you can summon — because success is not easy.


Strategy #5 to Succeed:
Create Routines to Automate ‘Big Wins’

This in my opinion is the biggest strategy in this in-depth article that you just cannot miss. Creating and automating routines that help you achieve success is vital, you actually cannot implement the other strategies as effectively if this one is not implemented in the first place.


Here’s the caveat gents, you only have a finite amount of willpower and a certain amount of ‘luck’ to get you to do things that are tough & move you towards success.


Consider, your brain loves things that are predictable.


The notion of a morning routine has been almost overused in the online personal development space that you almost have become desensitised to it, but have you really created one for yourself yet?


Note: the image below depicts a solid morning ritual you can implement: 1) exercise, 2) meditation, 3) cold shower.


Exercise, Meditation, Cold Showers


When you create a routine, particularly in the morning, to do the number one most important task that is going to help you get the success you desire?


Eventually you’ll find other areas in your life spiralling upwards. When you make a habitual routine you do every morning when you get up that is going to move you towards your goals & dreams you will be winning. 


Your morning routine has to be right for you, be on autopilot, and be pushing you forwards.


Now many people have routines that are pulling them backwards, that are pulling them down and keeping them from achieving success.


That’s a foolish thing to do. 


Whether it’s meditating, working out, reading, playing an instrument, dancing, making 10 sales calls before breakfast, or having a good breakfast…?


Your morning ritual must be something that 1) ignites you, 2) moves you towards greater levels of success, and 3) you do every morning.


Yes, some willpower & planning is required in the initial few weeks to really get that all important momentum. It will be difficult, that’s normal and part of the process.  But eventually, when you commit & demonstrate consistency with it, it will literally become automatic. 


Now you have an automated routine, every morning that without even thinking, will aid in moving you towards success.


So simple, so practical, yet so significant if you wish to succeed.


Strategy #6 to Succeed:
Protect Your Time

The most valuable resource on this planet is your time. You must bulletproof your time, your schedule and be unmitigated with following through with it.


In the world of billionaires, if you’ve studied them closely, you know many of them own a private jet. Why?



Do they do it to show off? Fuel their ego? And look fancy? Maybe yes, yes and yes.


But it can be assured that beneath the materialistic, surface level, there is a deeper more significant reason.


A private jet saves time. And the hyper wealthy know that money is a less valuable resource than time.


With infinite amounts time you can make more infinite amounts of money but you cannot live for infinite amounts of time, hence infinite amounts of money doesn’t even matter.


So what this means is you want to cut out anything that’s keeping you away from achieving the success you’re after. Not saying you can’t enjoy yourself every now and then, but the point being made is that if it’s not making you happy or if it’s not helping you achieve success, then cut it out.


Cut out all that time you’re wasting on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Netflix. Cut out all that time you’re spending hanging out with people that aren’t helping you achieve the success you’re after, who aren’t as ambitious.


What’s going to start happening is that you’re ‘forced’ to focus more of your time to becoming the man that’s capable of achieving the success you desire. Now when you put in double focused effort than your competition, technically you’ll get to where you want to be in half the time. 


Respect your limited time and never waste it. You cannot get your time back.


What are you waiting for? Get After It.


BONUS Strategy to Succeed:
Have BIG Goals

We have discussed this lot in the past and we will continue to push this at PEAK. You have to have big goals linked to your vision. It has to be that big so it can motivate you to get out of bed every morning and something that you crave to achieve, all the time.


Every action in your life has to be dictated by this big goal, so make it worthwhile. Simply put, small mediocre goals will not motivate you enough and will not ‘fill your tank’ to where you need it to be to execute and put in the required work.


If you want success, set big goals, review them daily, and charge forward!


Until The Next Time,

The Secret Agent


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