Have you heard of “MGTOW”? I hadn’t until recently — but suddenly I’ve been getting comments and emails from guys who identify themselves as MGTOW.


So, what is it?


“MGTOW” stands for Men Going Their Own Way.


The concept of the MGTOW philosophy, according to the website, is “a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else.”


You can click the link above to dive deeper.


My take is that some of the MGTOW ideas make a lot of sense.


But after doing a few hours of research over the last week? There’s ONE glaring problem I see with MGTOW…


Which is precisely what I discuss in today’s video…




Ultimately, my warning to the guys who are “MGTOW” is biologically rooted.


As I shared above, I’ve received lots of comments and emails lately from guys who adhere to this philosophy. Most of the time, these guys write to me about “not commenting on a woman’s looks or else she’ll know you’re interested”. Another MGTOW guy told me he’s “completely removed himself from women.”


The issue with this is simple: you’re engineered on a hormonal, chemical, and biological level as a man to be sexual with women. This is precisely why guys get the “morning after glow” after an awesome night of sex. On the contrary? I’ve seen from years of coaching that guys who don’t have sex for long periods of time often struggle with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.


I deeply believe that trading in your sexuality — as a man — does more harm than it does good. Sure, my ultimate reason for having this belief is biological. Let’s not forget what Charles Darwin, the father of modern biology, figured out on the Galapagos!


Charles Darwin on MGTOW


Organisms are on this planet to 1) survive and 2) REPRODUCE. And as men? We are meant to have a whoooole lot of sex with lots of different partners — on a biological level. Remember, your father didn’t spread his seed? You wouldn’t be here!


Yes, my rationale goes beyond ideology — I like breaking things down to their biological core. However, know too that my belief isn’t simply based on 1) biology, and 2) the reports of the hundreds of guys I’ve worked with since 2015.


Know this:


I actually tried out celibacy back in 2015 — from June until September. 


My rationale for trying out celibacy at the time was twofold. First of all, I was hyper focus on learning how to start this very website and business at the time. I figured that “not messing around with women” for a few months would help me get hyper focused. My second reason for trying out celibacy was simply from a place of curiosity. I’ve always been into doing personal experiments.


I remember that for the first month into this experiment, everything was going okay. Yes, I was accomplishing a lot. Likewise, I didn’t feel very different, at least at first.


But by month two? I noticed my mood started to change.


Suddenly, I felt a bit less confident, my ability to focus actually started to decline, and I otherwise didn’t quite “feel like myself.” It was almost as if my “inner chemicals” were out of balance. That’s how I felt: lethargic, unmotivated, and sluggish.


Then, by month three, I become convinced my celibacy experiment needed to come to a close — effective immediately! So, on September 18th of 2015, I quit ignoring my sexual urges.


Note: I still remember that exact date over 3 years later — because it was such a joyous day in my life — to return to a life of sexuality! LOL.


Luckily enough, on September 19th? Just one day after deciding to stop being celibate?


I bumped into a beautiful 19 year old university student. She was alone at the time, and revealed was visiting for a few days. Given my new sexual freedom, when she then shared she had a few free hours? I immediately jumped on the opportunity — and took her to my favorite spot of town: a beautiful walking path overlooking the Pacific Ocean.




Sure enough, after about twenty minutes of walking, flirting, and laughing? I suggested we go to my favorite spot: a secluded beachfront tucked away along the coast. Once we arrived, she realized how private this little gem of a location really was. Sure enough, our clothes came off shortly afterwards — and the rest is history.


I’ve never thought about going back to celibacy — as I’ve seen first hand how much better I feel, act, and perform when I’m sexual.


I reckon this phenomena, based on biological reasons I expounded upon in the video above, applies to most men. It’s for these reasons that I’d warn guys interested in MGTOW from giving up on their sex-lives.


I know that many MGTOW guys have made their decision to join that movement because they’re wary of getting married — with the risks associated. Other MGTOW guys literally lost half their assets after a bloody divorce, which naturally catalyzed these men to join the MGTOW movement.


Of course, I get why a guy who lost half his net-worth would decide give up on marriage! However, just because you don’t want another marriage doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of sex! Rather, owning your sexuality, stating your terms (i.e. I do not want to ever get married), and doing so with confidence is a simple, effective formula for attracting lots of sex into your life!


To conclude, I’ll leave you with an opportunity to dive deeper…


For more on how to engineer the sex life of your desires — without giving up your sovereignty — I recommend you check this out. Upon clicking that link? You’ll uncover how I help men transform into the kind of guy women love. 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your biggest takeaway from this in-depth report? Share in the comments box below…


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