Have you ever given a woman a compliment? And then had it get a bit… awkward? If so, you’re not alone, sir…


As you may know, I’m a big time believer in immediately and directly expressing your sexual interest. Doing so ensures you save time — which is your #1 asset. Being direct also lets you immediately inject the conversation with sexuality… 😉


However, if you cannot compliment a woman without it being awkward?


Then you’ll never succeed with this direct, sexual approach for meeting women — that I teach guys.


Luckily, the article and video below reveal precisely how to give women a compliment so that you immediately get her excited to talk to you!


Let’s dive right in. Check it, sir…


How to give a woman a compliment 


Don’t overcomplicate it, sir. Giving a compliment to a woman is simple. The only thing you need to do is create some form of a “takeaway.” See, the reason most compliments go wrong is because the guy giving the compliment is far too complimentary.


To succeed, you simply need a way to “take-back” some of the compliment. I gave specific examples in the video above that you can use in the grocery store, the gym, as well as in a bar. Refer to the video above to see those examples of how to best give a compliment.


In this example, we’ll discuss how to give a compliment using a different example — a sexy girl sitting in an outdoor shopping mall. 


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Though the context is different, the name of the game here is the same.


First of all, note that if you want to talk to a girl who’s sitting down? Always take a seat next to her. It’s super awkward to talk to a girl if you’re standing whilst she’s sitting.


Then, once you sit down? You could say something like this…


Me: “Hi, I have a real bone to pick with you” (Smirk)

Girl: “What do you mean…?” (Confused face)

Me: “Look, I’m a bit frustrated with you…”

Her: “WHY??”

Me: “See, I was just minding my own business. And then? Suddenly? I see you…”

(PAUSE — and look her in the eye)

Me: “And you were looking so damned good that I had to say hi. Not fair. Why do you have to be like that…?” (Smirks)

Girl: “Oh my gosh, you’re ridiculous!” (Laughs and smiles)

Me: “Hi, I’m Jason. And you are..?”


Boom. See, instead of just giving the girl a compliment, in this example (as well as the examples in the video above), I’m creating a “fake problem.” Even though it’s clearly contrived and playful, adding some form of a takeaway creates sexual attraction.


If I had just said, “You look so damned good — I had to say hi,” then the girl would awkwardly say “thank you” and then the conversation would go stale. On the contrary, by playfully saying, “Why do you have to be like that…?” the girl suddenly is on the “defensive.”


She has to “explain herself.”


Furthermore, by “blaming her” for looking so good, you’re making it sound as if it was her that “made you” hit on her. This immediately pre-frames that she’s as much to blame for everything that’s occurring as you are!


As you can see, by simply adding a little fake conflict, or by somehow “taking away” part of your compliment? You immediately inject flirty banter into the conversation.


This one’s a total game changer and as explained in the video above — you can use this virtually anywhere.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your biggest takeaway from this in-depth report? Share in the comments box below…


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