Bantering like Russell Brand… that’s the aim here my man.


I’m going to hit you with the best of the best and you’re going to leave with newfound tools, tips, and techniques you can put into play.


Let’s get started…


Fact: Russell Brand has social skills for days. He banters, flirts, and charms the world like a real pro. Luckily, you can level up your skills by learning from him.


I reveal the 3 keys that make him so good below. But to see his skills in a live video training, I created something even better..


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Now, let’s dive into 3 fundamental skills Russell utilizes upon most to excel like he does…


#1) Remain Ruthlessly Connected to the Present Moment 

You saw in the video breakdown how witty Brand’s banter is. The dude flows like wine. Cracking jokes from thin air. Or… So it appears. In truth, Brand is a master of the present moment.


I’ve talked about how important this is with another witty wise ass — David Duchovny’s character — Hank Moody. You can see that video breakdown linked below.


Both Moody and Brand are able to wise crack, flip the script, tease, and create a real ruckus because his mind is clearly calm, yet sharp. This is exactly where you want to be to thrive socially.


In the present moment. Not thinking ahead… And not reminiscing about the past.


Daily meditation is the simplest, most effective way to train your mind to remain more present.


Regularly meditating also helps  increase creativity, which only gives you even more freedom to banter like Brand.


Connect to the present moment and watch your banter game take off. If you’re finding you struggle to get out of your head, however, and if you don’t feel connected to the present moment, add a morning meditation to your daily ritual.


I talk more about doing so here.


#2) Steer Conversations (and your decisions) to Your Strengths 

It’s easier to speak with confidence when you talk about things you know a lot about.


It’s tough to speak with fluidity, grace, or conviction about a topic you don’t know a damned thing about. That’s just the truth and using this to your advantage is a no brainer.


Likewise, if you don’t know much about a topic – use that to your advantage by simply bantering playfully and avoiding an “adult” discussion.


You see Russell using this wisdom over and over in the breakdown. The dude talks about what he wants to talk about! Now of course, he’s on their show. Meaning, they ask him questions about his comedy, his movies, his life.


But there’s still major lessons to be learned here. Tools you can apply in your life.


First, put yourself in situations that revolve around your strengths.


Go to venues where you know lots of people. Involve yourself in activities that you’ve tackled many times. When you do these things, now, you’re the veteran in the situation. The guy know know’s what’s up. What does this mean?


It means your conscious mind doesn’t have to work as hard. This way, you can effortlessly mingle with all the people you already know. You can perform the task with ease. And from here, you have more brain capacity available to fill your masculine brain with killer thoughts.


Also, when you’re around people you know, and when you’re doing things you dig, you have tons more context to use as fuel for fun — banter material if you will.


From nicknames to insider knowledge of the venue you’re at, these are contextual cues from your environment you can throw down.


#3) Say Things Your Way and Have “ism’s”

Bantering is an art. And while I think Russell Brand has it better than anyone in the real world, he’s got himself stiff competition in the form  of Hank Moody. Hank too, is a master with words.


He flirts, banters, carries himself with confidence, and really free flows in a refreshingly original way.


The lesson from him, and Brand alike, is this: say it your way.


Hank Moody and Brand both have unique “isms.” Little quips and jokes that they phrase uniquely. Make no mistake — you want to do the same.


Throw down your unique flair and let it capture the attention of the people you’re around. In other words — say things your way!


But here’s the key: don’t say shit in a unique way as a tactic to get people to notice you.


Instead, do it to fuel your inner emotional state.


Do it because it’s fun for you.


That’s a subtle, yet significant distinction that makes all the difference .


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