Each day, I get lots of emails from guys like YOU..


Guys like you who want to become more attractive, who want more confidence, and who want to TAKE LIFE BY THE HORNS.


Am I right?


If so, it’s why I respect YOU.


Because you’re always looking to improve yourself. Well played, sir.


Well played, indeed. ūüôā


Unfortunately, I can’t get to all of your emails. However, I got a great one yesterday I wanna feature.


Here’s what our guy wrote to me…


“Hi Jason, when it comes to ease and confidence for attracting women, the biggest challenge for me is simply just having the balls to go up to a girl and start a conversation and knowing what to say.

Basically i can‚Äôt really do it with ease. I understand i have to be different and not say a typical line that every girl has heard like ‚Äúhi what‚Äôs your name?‚ÄĚ

And i do struggle with confidence, but typically i just get kind of scared of embarrassing myself and not end up talking to a girl i thought was attractive.

Just thought i should shoot this email to see what you would have to say.”


Let’s dive into this bad boy, shall we?


Here’s the first big idea: respect to our guy here for BEING HONEST with himself.


See, most men struggle year after year because they never take responsibility.


And they never look at their weaknesses honestly.


Which I get: cuz it takes balls to be honest with yourself. 


But our guy here who wrote in? He’s different. He’s keeping it real. He HAS balls. And it’s why I’ve featured his question.


So, here’s my advice to our main man here (and this goes to You too, if you’re not currently as confident nor as successful in your dating life as you’d like to be)


First of all, the fastest way to destroy your discomfort around women is to talk to one cute woman a day.


For the first 7 days, you can just drop a simple compliment to the girl, and then leave.


This exercise shows your deep subconscious that women don’t bite…


(because believe it or not, as I talked about in this new video I made for you, our brains are hardwired to believe that if we hit on a woman, and it doesn’t go well,¬†the chief of the tribe will rip our balls off and stab us in the heart!)


By the way you can see that video here:


It’s this “mental bias” that makes us men get such intense “approach anxiety” when we think about chatting up a true stunner!


So, by approaching women and simply dropping a quick compliment each day — for a week, you re-train your brain (down to the deep subconscious level)¬†to realize the 21st century is wayyyy more chill.


Again, it’s why in just one week of doing this exercise, you’ll already feel way¬†more confident.


At this point, after you do this 7 day exercise, keep on chatting up a woman a day.


In fact, keep it up for a month.


Real talk: I promise you that if you talk to one cutie a day, for a month, you’ll have a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of¬†confidence around cuties. (and that confidence will lead to transformational, newfound dating results — especially if you’re also applying the ideas here on the¬†peakunderpressure.com blog).


I know from experience that rapid transformation is possible.


Personally? Until I was 20? I had ZERO balls around women…


I used to get tongue tied as hell around women. My legs would jiggle like jello. And I’d stammer like a damned baboon.


Because of my painful awkwardness, lack of balls, and thus TOTAL lack of dating results…


I took on this very challenge I’m recommending for you, about 7 years ago now.


And no bullshit, in under 2 months of chatting up chicas each day?


…I went from the babbling baboon¬†“beta male” women didn’t even bat an eye at,¬†into¬†the guy who had three dates with different cuties in a SINGLE DAY (all those dates were from cold¬†approach by the way, not tinder or bumble or okcupid or¬†any of that).


That’s the stone cold truth.


Rapid transformation IS possible!


Now, the only real question becomes…


How do YOU get that initial momentum to start chatting up chicas? So you can get 3 sexayyy dates in a single day?


And, how can you ensure you KEEP taking action for the full month? So that you can transform both your dating results and your confidence?


Simple, my masculine friend:


Head over to stepbystepconfidenceformen.com.


When you get there, sign up for the $3,300 value¬†training that’ll teach you EXACTLY how to double your confidence with beautiful women¬†this week..


No bullshit: I could easily sell this 3-part training series for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. (it’s that good).


Right now, you can get instant access to this bad boy fo’ free!¬†




…because as you’ll see, this training series goes wayyyy deeper than I can possibly go here over a blog post.


Know too that whenever I say “take action” in that training series?


For YOU, since you want more confidence with women,¬†that simply means “chat up a cute chica each day.”


Cool? Cool. Now — get started, my friend!


Time waits for no man! The clock is ticking! The time is NOW!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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