What if there was a “magic switch” that’d make you 5X more attractive — as a man?


And what if, simply by changing how you carried yourself, you could instantly become more attractive? If this “magic switch” existed, think of how much more personal power you’d have…


You’d be able to get the woman you want. You’d be able to influence the leaders in your workplace to listen to your ideas. And really, you’d be able to exert your will upon the world – and people would respond.


At the end of the day, a “magic switch” DOES exist. Women are HARDWIRED to admire specific body language patterns in men. This blog post reveals the SECRET you can use to radically improve how others look at you.


You can use this to become more attractive to women. You can use this to gain respect amongst men. And best of all? This one secret for attractive male body language is simple.


It’s easy to put into play, too.


Once you embody the ONE simple change shared in this blog post, you’ll have an advantage.


The only thing I ask? Put this one simple body language secret into play. And then, once you see the positive change, be sure to let me know about it. I love hearing about your guys’ success.


Sound good? Cool, then let’s begin.


Now, for me to properly lay out this life changing body language secret on a silver plater for you, we need to go back in time… We need to go back to 9th grade biology class.


Does this look familiar? 


The Food Chain



Yes, this is the food chain. It’s significant for our discussion here about carrying yourself in a more attractive way. Here’s why… We often forget this, but as people, we’re part of the animal kingdom!


We’re nothing but animals with big brains! 


Now, the secret to tapping into our most attractive selves as men lies within our evolutionary history. It’s tapped into the food chain! Because animals that are hunted, evolutionarily, possess less power than the animals that are doing the hunting. And as you’ll see, the body language of a prey animal is far different than the body language of a predator.


To illustrate, look at how these meerkats – clearly a prey animal – carry themselves, in this 15 second video:



Now, compare the body language of those meerkats to the body language of these two predatory male lions:



Clearly, there’s a difference in how the meerkats vs. lions move.


As you saw, the meerkats anxiously turn their heads on a swivel as they scan for predators. On the other hand, each lion calmly cruises, knowing that there aren’t many animals that can kill him.


As humans, we’re evolved to be a part of the food chain, too. And the more we can carry ourselves with the grace that an apex predator does, the more attractive we appear! And rightly so, men and women alike want to align with other humans that demonstrate control and power.


However, for you to fully understand how to tap into the ONE secret for carrying yourself with attractive male body language, we also need to consider the dominance hierarchy.


Dominance hierarchies arise when members of a social group interact, often aggressively, to create a ranking system. In social living groups, members are likely to compete for access to limited resources and mating opportunities.


As men, we compete amongst other men in an evolved dominance hierarchy. You see it every day. You compete for income, women, and other scarce resources.


The truth? Most men will NEVER attract a woman like Natalie Portman…


Natalie Portman


It’s why mastering this one key for carrying yourself in a more attractive way is so important! So that you can have the advantage! 


The good news is we can learn a lot from the fact that we still exist in a social dominance structure. Animals have been competing in such structures for millennium.


And, though it’s not a perfect representation for human beings, here’s a diagram of what a dominance hierarchy looks like in a monkey tribe.


The Dominance Heirarchy in Monkeys


A small percentage of the monkeys control the majority of the power at the peak of the dominance hierarchy.


But what does this mean as it relates to you, as a human? You want to carry yourself through the world similarly to how the leaders in the animal kingdom do.


This means, you walk with certainty, confidence, and composure. It means you don’t fidget!


Alpha Gorilla


You want to carry yourself in the same manner that an apex predator in the food chain does.


Just like apex predators and leaders of the animal kingdom, attractive male body language in the human species embodies itself with a quiet control over the present moment that’s expressed with calmness and composure!


And because these traits are evolved right from the animal kingdom, the preference for these traits is DEEPLY evolutionarily hardwired into the minds of every man and woman on the planet. A man with a powerful sense of control was extremely valuable to our ancestors. He made life safer for his tribe!


A masculine leader, who moved and acted with control and grace, was better able to ward off predators and bring home more food! He was rewarded, for his bravery and leadership, with power and resources and the attraction of the women of his tribe!


That was then…


It’s the same exact way today.


This type of man is equally valuable in today’s 21st century world.


This is why these traits, that come from the animal kingdom, are still attractive today!


Other men find alpha leaders who exude control and power over their environment admirable; women find these type of men alluring and seductive.


Move with a sense of control.

Move with grace. 

Move with composure.



No more scanning the room all the time!


Stop picking at your fingers!


Or holding your head down!


Say goodbye to the days when you  nervously twiddled your fingers!


Stop swiveling your head around the bar like a damned meerkat!


Stop carrying yourself like a prey animal! 


In the food chain and the dominance hierarchy, either you’re constantly controlled by your environment – as a prey animal – or you’re in control of your environment – as the hunter.


And as we’ve seen in the social dominance hierarchy, either you’re the one controlling the environment or you’re being controlled by the environment.


In both of these fundamental evolutionary structures that determine mating patterns and social power systems, the key ingredient is CONTROL.


Controlled body language is highly attractive. Body language that looks frazzled and controlled by the environment is NOT.


Start carrying yourself like a lion.

The Alpha Lion


Start carrying yourself like the CEO of your world.


Be the CEO of your life who, like the lion, hunts down his goals with grace as he rises to the top.



What makes both the dominant male lion and the image of a dominant leader so captivating to us?


Simple: they’re both in total control. In everything they do, they control and own the situation and this allows them to walk with grace.


Now, what does this mean for you?


How can you embody this highly attractive male body language? 


…First? Actually be a lion! Actually dominate your world! Dominate your fears! And dominate your goals!


When you change your actions and act with courage, you’ll instinctually carry yourself with the calmness and the control and the composure and the grace that you attribute to a male lion.


And, in the meantime, as you strive for bigger and better, practice carrying yourself like a CEO. Carry yourself like a lion.


Simply CHOOSE to carry yourself with that CEO composure and control in all environments, at all times.


The importance of body language cannot be denied. Embodying this distinction will accelerate your success in virtually every area of your life. Body language is the most powerful signal of communication – taking up an estimated 55% of how people perceive us.


That’s even more than the words we speak, as this graph, taken from research at UCLA, illustrates.


Persuasive Body Language

To solidify what carrying yourself with composure and control looks like for you, notice how Daniel Craig, playing a traditional alpha male role as James Bond, carries himself in this short scene.


Notice how he carries himself far more like the graceful lion than the anxious meerkat.



He carries himself with dominance, composure and control. Do the same.


That is the #1 secret for attractive male body language.


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To your peak,

Jason Rogers



  1. Antonio

    I just read this whole article and it really explains things clearly. Sometimes I struggle with walking slow at work because it’s quite a busy environment. What would you recommend? Also I saw this article on alpha male body language


    what do you think? is this something i should use in my life or is it just bogus? thanks

    • Jason


      Body language matters. But don’t over-do it. The biggest mistake guys make is they overemphasize body language — and they then look stifled and awkward.



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