Though it isn’t a perfect representation? The easiest way to think of attracting younger women vs. mature women is through the dog versus the cat metaphor…


First, think of the first time you meet a dog. When you approach this dog, you can immediately put your hand out. In most cases, the dog will instantly wag its tail. You can then expect the dog will rub up against you — so that you’ll pet it. 


The Difference Btwn Attracting Younger vs Mature Women


On the other hand? Think of a cat. Unlike the dog — that instantly warms up to you — building a relationship with a cat is often a slower, more drawn out process.


The cat needs to smell you. Often, the cat will move closer to you — only to suddenly move away when you try to pet it. Cats are more “tough and go” — meaning they love you one minute, yet act like you don’t even exist the next. 


The Difference Btwn Attracting Younger vs Mature Women


Metaphorically speaking, a younger woman’s behavior is often comparable to that of a cat, whereas more mature women usually act more like a dog.


By this, what I mean is a more mature women will immediately warm up to you (and will often be sexual quite rapidly) if she finds you attractive.


Similarly to how a dog likes you whether you have a fancy treat or not? A more mature woman will often make her decision about you and “stick to it.”


The Difference Btwn Attracting Younger vs Mature Women


A younger girl, on the other hand, is more like a cat in that she’ll show interest one minute, often to act disinterested the next. I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself…


On the same token, just as cats can easily be “won over” by colorful, shiny toys? Young women are often hyper-attracted to “shiny objects” such as status, instagram followers, clear signs of wealth, etc.


The Difference Btwn Attracting Younger vs Mature Women


Furthermore, just as cats tend to frighten easily, if you’re too aggressive with a younger woman, you may push her away. It’s often best to let a cat come to you. The same applies to attracting younger women. Building your social media presence, your social status, your bank account, and your popularity in your hometown are each solid strategies for attracting younger women.


On the opposite end of the continuum?


Similarly to how dogs respond well to playing more roughly and aggressively? Well, you get the idea! And yes, I am referring to more mature women! In short, mature women are less impressed with these “shiny” showings that attract younger women. Instead, a more mature woman usually is looking deeper into your character. If she likes what she sees on this “deeper level,” you’re in. If she doesn’t, well… you’re out! 


This is just one distinction between attracting younger vs. mature women.


Which begs the question: what are the other differences between attracting younger vs. mature women? Because while the principles of attraction are the same, the devil’s in the details…


It isn’t hard to imagine that there’d be differences in attracting younger vs. mature women — just think about it. Weren’t you different at age 19 than you were at 29?


Or, if you’ve yet to hit your 29th birthday, just ask somebody older than you if they saw their personality and beliefs change during that ten year gap! Undoubtedly, we change as we age!


Charles Darwin on MGTOW


Luckily, whether you prefer younger women or more mature women (whom I generally classify as mid-twenties and older), you can learn to attract the women you desire.


To share the subtle distinctions that make all the difference with you, I created a brand new video. Watch it here…


The Difference Btwn Attracting Younger vs Mature Women


If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch the video imbedded above — as that’s where the real “secret sauce” for getting next level results can be found.


Then, once you watch the video above?


Be sure to drop your biggest takeaway in the comments section below. Doing so not only ensures you “lock in” the lesson in that masculine brain of yours, but also gives me insight as to what insights are most relatable to gents such as yourself!


Let’s keep the conversation going, sir. I look forward to hearing from you…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what would you like me to discuss in a future blog post? Let me know in the comments box below…


  1. Ben

    Hi jason

    That is so true and Whenever I hv been direct (aggressive) with a young girl she always runs away.Either she gave me incorrect ph no or some lame excuse.but for me the one that instantly say yes are between 35-40 & above.With them I set the date time & place and the date goes well. With young its like I hv to tread slowly.I do hv a question so in a bar/pub scene how do you handle young ones since being direct will make them run?


    • Jason Rogers


      First, you can be a bit more direct in a bar/pub. Liquor is the great social lubricator. Consider too, dating is a numbers game. So, don’t worry if a younger girl or two can’t handle you (and your direct honesty). Just fill up your pipeline with women who are keen — which will happen fast when you’re consistently meeting new women on the daily.



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