“Jason, are American girls attracted the same way European girls are?”


It’s a good question. And, the answer isn’t simple.


As I explain in the video below, all women are attracted to the essentially same things (dominance, status, confidence, etc.).


However, culture plays a major part in our lives.


For the nuanced answer regarding the differences between attracting American women versus European girls, watch the new video I made for you…




In short, the biggest difference I’ve noticed between what attracts women from different cultures is the income disparity. 


Women who grew up with large deviations between success and failure, I’ve noticed, tend to be attracted more to clear signs of success (confidence, status symbols, ambition, etc.). American girls, South American girls, and Southern European girls generally fall into this category.


On the other hand, women from cultures where most everybody achieves moderate levels of success (i.e. Denmark and Sweden) tend to find comfort, rapport, and connection more important.


While there are other factors undoubtedly, the income / success deviation seems to be the biggest factor of them all. As I said in the video above, “Cash is king. Money matters.”


Now, what was your biggest takeaway from this video? Share in the comments below, my masculine friend.. 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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