You’ve been there… Stuck in a pit of misery. Viciously hard on yourself. As you know, you can quickly crumble our own self confidence if you don’t stop beating yourself up. But how?


How can you get yourself out of a self-defeating rut? How can you end the negative self talk? And cut the self inflicted aggression?


That’s what we recently discussed in episode 112 in our exclusive membership, Dominate as a Single Man. How you can stop beating yourself up. So that you can channel your focus outwards, on your targets and goals and dreams.


In order to ensure you end the self inflicted pain, we’ve made this episode available to you. Finally unlock your potential as a man. Experience true self acceptance. Listen here…



How to Stop Beating Yourself Up - Ep 112

by Jason Rogers | Dominate as a Single Man


Holding on to anger is like holding onto a hot coal — ultimately you are the one who gets burned.


Wise words here, from the Buddha. He understood the path to personal growth was one of self acceptance, not self hate. Though it may seem contradictory, accepting yourself and coming to terms with your past is crucial to succeeding from this point forward.


Beating yourself up is not the way. Doing so repeatedly is like squeezing onto a hot coal — with the intent of throwing it at somebody else. You’re the only one who gets burned! Dude.


Drop the fucking coal already! 


Stop Burning Yourself. Experience Self Acceptance.

But, wait. You may be concerned that beating yourself up fuels your ambition. Even though it sounds “nice,” self acceptance is for the weak men who can’t deal with the real world… Isn’t it?


Many men believe that if they’re hard on themselves, they can push themselves — will themselves — to success. But it’s just not so. While you must challenge yourself, continuing to beat yourself up is counter productive.


The unnecessary burden you place on yourself with repeated self sabotage tires you, wears you down, and dulls your thinking. So if success is your aim, then self acceptance is your amigo, not your enemy. But even more than that, remember — your time is limited.


Don’t you deserve to enjoy your time here on this lovely planet?


Can you really afford to keep punishing yourself over and over again for mistakes you made in the past? Do you think you’d feel better if you let go of that hot coal? Experienced self acceptance? And began focusing your energy on dominating this very moment instead?


When you stop beating yourself up, you can finally focus 100% of your energy on experiencing fulfillment and achieving success. So let go of that hot coal, my friend.


Accept yourself, just the way you are. Once you do, you’ll be in a position to begin improving yourself and your life, from a calm and confident place.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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