The most popular question I get from guys like you is “What can I say to a sexy woman I like?” 


So, I decided to create a master blog post to answer this question once and for all…


What follows are 37 things you can tell a woman you like!


#1: Ask Her About The Worst Crime She’s Ever Committed

This one plays serious ball. Now, you may have to lead by sharing a story of a time you broke the law, before she’ll open up about this one.


That said, especially if you’ve already shared a naughty secret from your past, then tease her about being a “goodie-two-shoes” until she finally relents and reveals the worst crime she’s committed. Even if she denies it, her “bad side” will love you for getting her to open up and confess her sin to you.. 😉


#2: Ask Her If She Prefers Coke or Sprite

Here’s a fun little deviation: If you could only drink one type of soda for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


Just because it’s trivial doesn’t mean it doesn’t work… 😉


#3: Tell Her About Your Dog (or cat, or lizard, or bird, or whatever)

Most women love animals. And those that don’t are evil (kidding, kind of). Joking aside, telling a woman about your dog, cat, bird, lizard, ferret, or whatever kind of pet you have is sheer conversational gold!


Not only does sharing about your pet reveal your human side, but it’s also a perfect prelude to funny animal stories — which everybody loves!


#4: Tell Her About Your Goals  

This one’s for all you ambitious champs. Women love hearing a man speak honestly and openly about his goals, dreams, and desires. Don’t be shy here! Really reveal your excitement, your motivation, and your dreams!


Doing so not only reveals a deeper side of yourself, but it also lets her see into the window of your true potential as a man!


#5: Revealed: The #1 Way to Make a Woman Chase You

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#6: Tell Her About How You’re Grandma’s Doing 

I’m not kidding. Telling a girl about how you’re grandmother’s doing is excellent conversation. Not only because it’s a topic you (hopefully) care about, but because usually, grandparents are eccentric.


There’s likely lots of super funny stories you can share about your grandma (or your grandparents). So, roll with it. Sharing about your grandmother reveals you’re a human, and it’ll likely open the door for her to reciprocate — with funny stories from her grandparents.


#7: Share With Her Your Most Embarrassing Childhood Stories

Ohhhh yessss. We’re going here! Revealing your most embarrassing childhood stories is an absolute winner. Personally, telling women how I got rejected to my high-school PROM in front of all my peers always creates a laugh and shows my vulnerability.


At the same time, I always use my embarrassing stories from the past to juxtapose who I was versus who I currently am (think Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey). The more you can show a woman your personal growth and development with stories, the better.


#8: Tell Her to Stop Making You Like Her

This one’s more of a banter line, I’m not gonna lie! Whenever a woman does something super flirtatious, sexual, attractive, or otherwise HOT?


Tell her to STOP doing that, since it’s making you like her! The reverse psychology creates the perfect amount of sexual tension, especially when you deliver this one with a deadpan tone of voice and a smirk.


#9: Share With Her Your Biggest Regrets

This is where you move things to a more serious realm. If you’ve got the self-awareness and the chops, then absolutely reveal your biggest regrets. Doing so will help entrench the emotional connection between yourself and the girl.


And don’t hold back here. If you’re emotionally still bothered by something you didn’t do (or by something you did do — that you shouldn’t have!), then reveal those emotions! She’ll appreciate your openness.


#10: Tell Her About Your Biggest Accomplishments 

This one piggybacks off of #9. Telling a woman about your accomplishments too soon comes off as “try hard” and “needy.” However, telling her about your biggest accomplishments after you reveal your biggest regrets is a perfect conversational juxtaposition.


She’ll find you attractive when you proudly reveal your biggest accomplishments, especially after you’ve already also revealed your biggest lows (your biggest regrets).


#11: Ask Her About Her Biggest Regrets & Accomplishments

After you reveal everything we’ve just discussed here in #9 and #10, she’ll likely be ready to open up herself. Give her that opportunity.


Simply ask her, “So, how about you? What are your biggest regrets? And your biggest accomplishments?” Note that these are big questions. So, if you get the vibe she’s the reserved type, take your time before probing with these questions. However, if you can tell she likes this open, deep, free flowing style of conversation, then let these questions fire!


#12: Tell Her About Your Favorite Childhood Memories

This is a surefire winner. Take the time-portal back to the past and let her relive your childhood with you. Share with her that one fort you made, the lemonade stand you and your buddies hustled, or — tell her about the childhood pranks you’d get yourself into on the weekends.


There’s nearly a 100% chance that revealing your childhood memories will rekindle a positive emotion inside of her.


#13: Ask Her About Her (Least) Favorite Teacher of All Time

This one’s right in line with #12. Of course, you could also lead by telling her about your love/hate relationship with Mr. Dinkerberg. Or, ask her about her favorite teacher of all time.


If she’s not recalling any favorable memories of her past teachers, then flip the script. Ask her about the teacher(s) she couldn’t stand! This question usually leads to some healthy laughs.


#14: Tell Her About Your Preferences In Women

Do you like short women? Tall women? Blondes? Brunettes? Intelligent women? Or, do you prefer down to earth women you can bring home to Mom and Dad? Let her know.


Tell her about what turns you on — as well as what turns you the hell off! This will in turn lead to a very natural reversal…


#15: Ask Her About Her Preferences in Men

You can start by asking her about the physical qualities she likes in a man. From there, ask her about the deeper questions.


What type(s) of personalities does she dig? Is she into a guy who always takes the lead? Or, does she prefer to have an equal role in the decision making process? Let her reveal her take.


#16: Tell Her About Your First Kiss

You bet your sweet ass we’re going here! This story — whether you performed admirably or messed it up totally — is an excellent place to both build rapport while putting both of your minds on the topic of kissing.


If you remember the story vividly, take her through the experience using all 5 senses. Reveal what you were thinking and feeling each step of the way. Really create a movie she can see. She’ll thank you for letting her relive the experience with you! (Trust me — women LOVE topics and stories like this one!)


#17: Simply Story-tell Your Day

Keep it simple, slick! Tell her about your day. And here’s the kicker — be honest! If you’re having a shitty day, tell her about it. Tell her WHY your day sucks. And, if you just hit a home-run in your business?


Share your day’s experience with her. Story-tell your day to her. Your day is perfect fuel for a conversation with a girl you like.


#18: Tell Her About The First Time You Ever Got Into a Fistfight 

Are you noticing a theme? Childhood stories (or any good story for that matter) work perfectly when you’re talking to a girl you like! Women want to know you! So, don’t be shy.


Tell her about how you used to kick serious ass back as a 6th grade bully. Or? Tell her about the time big bad Brad whooped your ass cuz you took a stand — and refused to give up your swing!


#19: Accuse Her of Being a Stalker When She Asks Where You Live

This one is certified. Whenever a girl asks where you live, just reply, “Wait a second, are you a stalker?” The insinuation here is clear — she likes you. And, she’s trying to figure out where you live, so that she can stalk you.


Her response (of course) will be denial! “Of course I’m not a stalker!” But don’t let that stop you from teasing her that she’s a stalker — for a long, long, long time… 😉


#20: Tell Her The Story of The First Time You Got Drunk (or smoked pot, etc.)

These “first time” stories always deliver. And, if you can remember, share the details. Who you were with, how old you were, what you were all drinking (or smoking), and really help her relive the experience.


Just as with so many of these examples, afterwards? Ask her about the first time she got drunk. Ask her if she made any risky decisions at the end of the night. If she says no? Tease her that you won’t judge her if she did… 😉


#21: Tell Her to Stop Whining (whenever she’s complaining unnecessarily)

Nobody likes a complainer! And, a stud such as yourself doesn’t deserve the company of a whiner! So, tell her to cut the shit when she keeps on complaining.


Say to her in a playful yet direct tone of voice, “Hey, take the pitty party somewhere else. Good vibes only here.”


#22: Ask Her Who Her Celebrity Crush Is (and reveal yours, too)

Ask her if she’s into the older guys — i.e. Brad Pitt or George Clooney?


Or perhaps, she’s into a slightly younger breed of beast… You’ll never know if you don’t ask.


#23: Tell Her About Your Favorite Food

Are you a breakfast for dinner kind of guy? Or, perhaps you’re a seafood fella? Whatever your pallet — share it with the girl you like.


Not only is it good conversation. But you never know… She might just take you out to your favorite food for your upcoming birthday!


#24: Ask Her What Her Dream Vacation Is

Everybody has a dream destination they’d LOVE to see. For some, it’s skiing Whistler. Other’s want to go feel like Darwin down in the Galapagos.


You’ll never know her dream destination unless you ask. And after she tells you all about her dream vacation? Feel free to reciprocate with yours.


#25: Play the “Would You Rather” Game

Would you rather run down the downtown of your hometown naked, or lose $10,000? Would you rather hook up with George Clooney or Brad Pitt?


Or, would you rather go a week without eating or a year without sex? …you get the idea. Play the “Would you Rather” game!


#26: Ask Her What Her Favorite TV Shows Are

Are you a “Suits” kind of girl? Do you like “Breaking Bad?”


Or are you a “Narcos” kinda girl? Again — you’ll never know unless you ask. Of course, feel free to share what your favorites are.


#27: How long have you had a crush on me for?

Okay, so this one’s a bit more cocky — and definitely works a treat if you can keep a straight face 😉


Truth be told, lines like these work great if you don’t make a big deal out of whatever happens next!


#28: Tell Her About The #1 Lesson Your Father Taught You

One of the secrets to epic conversations is keeping things unpredictable! That’s the reason I’ve followed #26 (cocky/playful/flirty) with a deeper answer like this!


Women (like all humans) are craving the unexpected! Sudden turns keep us on our toes. So, don’t be afraid to pivot the conversational thread whenever you see fit!


#29: Share The Closest Near Death Experience of Your Life

Just because what you did was stupid doesn’t mean it isn’t worth sharing! Some of the best stories come from our worst decisions!


Here, regardless of how or why you got there, you simply want to tell your compelling “near death experience” story!


#30: Ask Her to Share Her All Time Favorite Song

Imagine, you’re stuck on an island and all you can take is headphones, a CD player, and a CD with just ONE song…


What song do you put on the CD?


#31: Tell Her Your Favorite Sexual Position

Personally, I’ve always found doggy to be the most fun. There’s just something about that delightful view… 😉

Of course, don’t share your favorite sexual position the second you meet the girl. However, once there’s comfort and rapport built, this one can quickly turn up the conversational heat…


#32: How Old Do You Want to Be When You Get Married?

Every girl dreams about her wedding day. If you don’t believe me, just ask the next girl you talk to. It’s for that reason that this question does so well. You can follow up by asking the girl to describe her dream wedding.


Ps – don’t be surprised if she keeps describing the scene for 30 minutes…


#33: Tell Me About The Worst First Date Of Your Life…

Then, take notes. Often, you can learn a lot from the worst first date a girl’s ever experienced.


Don’t be afraid to “bash” the knuckle head for the silly mistakes he made. Doing so helps separate you from him — which is obviously to your advantage.


#34: Would You Rather Have a Billion Dollars or Have One in a Billion Beauty?

Yes, this is a spin off of the “would you rather” game. You caught me 😉


This one is excellent conversational fuel because it gets at the heart of what the girl values — looks or beauty. Keep an eye on her initial response, and her immediate facial expressions, when you ask this beauty of a question. Often, actions (and nonverbal cues) speak louder than words.


#35: Do You Prefer the Company of Men or Women?

Hint: Most girls will say they’d rather spend time with boys. I’m told it’s because women like to cause drama with their fellow female counterparts.


Personally? I believe it’s because women are secretly just as horny and flirty as us guys are.. 😉


#36: Who’s a Bigger Flirt — You or Me? 

Ask her this golden goose right after she does something extremely flirty.


Trust me, the results will work in your favor 😉


#37: Tell Me, What’s Your Favorite Movie of All Time?

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional motion picture? Ask her this question whenever the conversation hits a lull.


This one, while not particularly flirty nor clever, keeps the ball rolling — and gives both of you a chance to discuss your favorite movies.


In Conclusion: Say Whatever The Fuck You Want!
(See the video for more on this “profound” idea..)


Now — I want to hear from you! What’s your biggest takeaway from this article? Hit me in the comments below!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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