It’s true. 4:55am yesterday morning..


..I filmed a transformational new video for you.


In it, you’ll uncover the EXACT 3-steps ambitious single men like YOU are following — to ENSURE they unlock rock-solid confidence.


Wanna join them?


Dude, I’m amped to share this video with you. The feedback I’ve received has already been awesome, and I haven’t promoted this video at all until right now.


Here’s why ambitious single men are loving this video: In our society, nobody ever taught us as men  how  to build our confidence.


…Not our teachers, not our coaches, nor our parents. (it’s not their fault, btw)


See, after working with men for years now, I can tell you this:


“Confidence” is a tricky topic.


Which is likely why SO many man (quietly) crave more confidence — yet wander aimlessly in their pursuit.


It’s a shame: Because a man’s confidence IS shaping his life.


Trust me, I know…


Here’s the stone-cold truth, señor…


Personally? Less than 10 years ago… 

  • my knees would jiggle like jello when I’d *try* to flirt with attractive women…
  • I was so terrified to talk to strangers that I couldn’t even order pizza over the phone
  • my voice literally cut out when I gave my valedictorian speech, because I was so scared. (btw, I soon after got laughed at — by a couple of college students in the audience)


This is why I made it my mission as a man — once I started studying psychology at UCLA (and later when I did research at Stanford)  — to unlock more confidence for myself.


…well, even though it wasn’t easy or fast (bc I was flying “blind” without a mentor or teacher…


I unlocked the *permanent* confidence I was after (permanent is the key word).


**We’ll discuss on this video why most men have “wavering” self confidence: the secret lies in missing step-2 of the L-V-R Confidence Building Sequence, I explain in the video linked above.




I want to share that building confidence directly helped me supercharge my dating life, my income potential, and my happiness.



I share this about my life to inspire you.


Because here’s the best news: I’ve since helped lots of men transform their confidence from scratch, too — by sharing with them my proven 3-step Confidence Building Sequence.


But since I come from humble beginnings, I know first hand that without confidence? It’s tough (if not IMPOSSIBLE) to…

  • date attractive women
  • nail important interviews
  • give presentations / speeches
  • achieve professional success (and the $$$ that follows)
  • create a fun and exciting social life with awesome people


Now, I’d bet your confidence is higher than mine was when I started my journey. And that’s what’s exciting:


YOU can unlock NEXT-LEVEL confidence quite quickly IF you follow a proven step-by-step sequence ensured to deliver you just that: more confidence.


So, if you’re an ambitious single man looking for your next-level advantage in every area of your life


…then boy do I have a treat for you!


THIS value-packed video might be the most important video you watch all year.


You’ll uncover how to transform your confidence using the 3-step “L-V-R Confidence Building Sequence”


(that I’ve used to help lots of men transform their confidence, and their lives)..


After you watch, let me know what you think in the comments.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Ps – no, I haven’t gotten married.. YET 😝
(see the last blog post to get the joke)


Pss – thanks for all the feedback on my new website, I really appreciate it.


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