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We all know that feeling (and being) more masculine as men is a great thing. The masculine guy… He’s that guy who radiates with confidence… Who kicks ass in the corporate world, has the stunning wife, and leads a fun and exciting social life. I’m sure you know someone like this.


Nothing pulls at our masculine heart strings quite like, well… Truly embodying our peak levels of manliness, or masculinity.


Unfortunately, as you’re probably keenly aware of, when it comes to truly being a man and unleashing your masculine potential, there’s a little problem. And it’s why so many men struggle to feel masculine.



Why So Many Men Struggle to Feel Masculine These Days

We live in a world where “being a man” is valued less, and needed less, than ever before.


Don’t you agree? No longer are you required to hunt as a man. No longer do you need to protect your family from danger. Society is actively telling us to fit in, to shut up, to get in line, and to punch in our timecards like everybody else.


In a very real sense, the days of slaying the enemy and rising as the conquerer are pretty much… over. The world is tame and safe.


Hell, the biggest “threats” you’re required to deal with these are how to deal with a rude jackass on a customer service hotline.


Needless to say, the world you live in has changed. And yet, we as men are exactly the same. We have the same desires, wants, and needs.


Also consider, our bodies and our minds are virtually identical to the our ancestors from long ago. We’re the same as ever, yet society isn’t.


Therefore, if we’re to achieve success, live with confidence, or experience dating freedom today as men, it’s essential that we honor our makeup as men.


Persuasive Body Language


It’s crucial that you adhere to your masculinity. But how? How do you feel more masculine in a world that no longer requires you to live with your core sense of masculinity?


That’s what this article will reveal. In what follows, you will learn the three proven ways to feel more masculine as a man.


But first, let’s dive into the #1 ingredient that determines how masculine you’re going to feel…


The #1 Ingredient for Feeling More Masculine

If we’re going to talk about getting you to feel like the masculine champ you’re destined to be, we simply cannot ignore the #1 ingredient that influences your masculinity.


And while what follows may not shock you, the truth is that you’re probably not living in a way that’s supporting your testosterone production.


Make no mistake, your testosterone production (or lack thereof) is crucial to how masculine you feel.


Testosterone Production


Research indicates that high, healthy levels of testosterone (which I’ll refer to as T) are associated with self-confidence, energy, physical strength, and virtually every other key area associated with “feeling like a man.”


The problem is, as we quickly discussed already, living as a first world, 21st century man doesn’t require us to exert ourselves in a way that supports our testosterone production.


In fact, many commonplace behaviors like eating out, sitting for long hours, and spending long periods of time using technology (while thus being disconnected from human interaction) directly or indirectly suppress testosterone.


Now, with all of this information, your aim to finally feel masculine as a man may feel like mission impossible. If you want to feel like a man and radiate with masculine energy, do you really need to…

  • completely stop eating out?
  • quit your job that requires you to sit for long hours?
  • stop using technology for periods of time both professionally and personally?
  • abstain from virtually all the other “dirty pleasures” of modern life?


Do I Need to Stop Doing All The Fun Things To Feel Masculine?

The answer, luckily for the both of us, is that NO… you don’t!


Now, while I don’t recommend you go overboard, you can still knock back beers with the boys, you can keep your cubicle job, and you can eat out and order double on the french fries (from time to time)…


Start Now! It's FREE!


Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, I’ve discovered that in the game of tapping into your T potential, and thus your masculinity, it’s more about what you COMMIT to doing than is about quitting every one of your not-so-healthy habits.


Now, what follows are the three best ways that will boost your testosterone substantially, so you can feel far more masculine. So that you can attract more success, more confidence, and better sex, into your life. Commit to these three key actions, and your life will radically change for the better.


Because, while the world doesn’t require you to act in a way that’ll fuel your masculine soul, you can certainly still tackle the world in a way that does.


Key #1 for Feeling More Masculine: The Daily High Intensity Workout!

Yessir. Nobody said feeling more masculine would be free and effortless. But the truth is, the high intensity workout is 100% worth the effort. Not only do high intensity exercises, especially sprints, as well as heavy weight lifting, boost your testosterone, as this research indicates, but they’ll help you shred excess belly fat.


The real reason why? Besides raising your metabolism, by working out at a high intensity each day, eating a healthier diet often happens naturally. Nobody likes to shoot themselves in the foot and destroy their hard earned progress!


It’s a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. As the image below shows, the more you take a new action, the more your actions provide you with results, and thus, validation. This newfound validation from taking new action fuels even more action.



The truth is, working out at a high intensity not only boosts your testosterone levels, but when men workout and lose weight, their estrogen levels lower, too. Estrogen is essentially the female hormone, and while not a perfect correlation, in general, the less of this female hormone you have in your body, the more masculine you’re going to feel! It’s not rocket-science…


Working out at a high intensity by doing sprints and/or high intensity weight lifting also leads to muscle production. And guess what packing on muscle does to you?


High Intensity Workouts Lead to Muscle, and a Feeling of Masculinity


Surprise, surprise: Having more testosterone encourages your body to produce more muscle. And in turn, you feel more like a man. It’s an upwards spiral.


Even More Reasons Working Out Skyrockets Your Masculinity!

Now, it gets even better. See, working out at a high intensity level activities another important hormone inside of that masculine body of yours… While we won’t geek out too hard, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the power of endorphins.


After you workout, your body surges with endorphins and endocannabinoids. These hormones give you a killer high. They make you feel euphoric, upbeat, and alive, In fact, runners call the surge of endorphins and  they receive after a hard run, aptly, “the runners high.” The idea here? You literally feel like a fucking champ after a good workout.


And if all of that wasn’t good enough, the physical benefits of working out at a high intensity are shown to make you more attractive to the ladies


Women Are Sexually Attracted to Muscle


Key #2 for Feeling More Masculine: Go Talk to Women!

Oh yes, it’s true my masculine friend. Talking to women makes you feel more like a man. And you and I both know it. Nothing sparks our masculinity into gear quite like having a luscious, warm blooded women in our presence.


Since the dawn of time, men have drawn courage, inspiration, and drive for masculine action from the allure of the feminine.



And now, with 21st century research at our aid, we know from a scientific level that talking to women makes us feel more like a man!


Simply being in the presence of a woman we find attractive leads to more testosterone and makes us feel more masculine. We also know that regularly having sex boosts testosterone production, especially in older men.


With this powerful, compelling data staring you in the face, combined with the pleasure that comes from an amazing relationship with a stunning woman, my call to action for you is simple: go talk to women each day!


She Wants You To Talk To Her!

I recently wrote an article here where I share exactly how you should go about approaching women.


But right now, I want to remind you 3 core truths that will massively help you meet women each day.

  1. Women are attracted to masculine men.
  2. Women like sex with masculine men.
  3. Women like men who act decisively.


Yes, it really is that simple. She wants you to go talk to her. It’s the truth. And it’s what you want to remind yourself if your overactive mind tries to tell you otherwise.



Don’t be like most men. Most men do NOT go out of their way to talk to women. This is no excuse to follow their lead.


If you act like most men, you’ll feel like most men: weak, impotent, and average.


So, instead of overthinking what you’re going to say or how you’re going to flirt, as I wrote about here, just go talk to an attractive women each day.


Seven Tips to Meet Women Each Day Like a Man

  1. Chat up the first attractive woman you see after your workout each day. You’ll be feeling your most masculine and confident.
  2. As long as she’s not with her clear boyfriend, it’s appropriate to go talk to her. Remember, women are attracted to men. That’s all the permission you need, my masculine friend.
  3. To start, all you need to say is, “Hi, I’m _(your name)_.”
  4. Simple small talk works just fine, especially for your first impression. I wrote another blog post about this. Tell her what you’re up to. Share a story or a joke with her. Ask her what she’s into. Keep it simple to start.
  5. Make strong eye contact. The eyes are your most powerful tool as a seducer.
  6. Wear a smirk. Nothing creeps her out like a guy who’s face looks like he’s straining before taking a shit.
  7. Hold yourself accountable by marking off each day you successfully talked to a woman in your calendar. Note: You can (and probably should) do this for working out, too. It’s a powerful tool for motivating yourself through the use of addicting, positive reinforcement. This tool works especially well if you’re struggling to get yourself to workout each day.

Bonus: Be aware of her situation. If she’s clearly in a rush, ask for the number and make plans to talk over the phone in the future. If she’s got free time on her hands, invite her for a quick cup of coffee or tea.



Boom. Now go do what you were meant to do as a man. Go chat her up already! No matter what she says, you’re going to win! The worst thing that happens is, you boost your testosterone each day and feel more masculine!


Key #3 for Feeling More Masculine: Lead a Fun Social Circle!

This one goes deeper than being a man: this is a human thing. Humans need to connect with other humans to feel and be their best. It’s just how we’re hardwired. Without social interaction, you will feel miserable!


You can read more about the incredible importance of our social lives in Dr. Lieberman’s book Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect.



Now, let’s go a deeper and make this discussion more specific to you, my masculine friend. Put simply, being the leader of a group makes you feel more… You guessed it: masculine.


You see, this stems from our mammalian evolution. The alpha leader in any group of mammals gets a boost in testosterone and thus confidence, whereas subordinate members miss out on these key chemical benefits.  Though expressing the dominance hierarchy amongst monkeys, this graph gets at this idea…


The Dominance Heirarchy in Monkeys


And, while you may not be the CEO at work of the captain of a professional football team, you can quickly and easily become the leader of a badass social circle in your home town.


Doing so not only will give you something fun to look forward to, but it will also position yourself as an attractive guy in your hometown that women desire and men admire.


Perhaps, best of all? Leading a social circle doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming, either. Let’s break down how you can quickly begin leading a fun, badass social circle.


This article shows you exactly how to lead a badass social circle in 3 simple steps. Click the image to get started…


Social Circle From Scratch: 3 Steps to a Badass Social Circle



Done Reading? Looking for an instant win? Then check this out…


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  1. Ginny

    I am a woman, and I can tell you that this article has a lot of misinformation about what women like. First off, just like men, women have different preferences–so while a select few might be into (in my opinion, grossly) muscular men, most actually aren’t. And if you find a woman and randomly start really aggressively chatting her up, she is almost guaranteed to never talk to you again. It only makes her uncomfortable. Being kind, respectful, taking no for an answer, and not objectifying women are the real ways to have a happy romance. I’m so sorry that men are fed this type of information, this is the root of toxic masculinity. Being a feminist is the most attractive trait in men for most women.
    (Please note that when I say feminism I mean the idea that men can make choices for themselves and women can make choices for themselves and there is nothing inherently inferior about women.)

    • Jason Rogers

      Never ask a fish for advice about how a fisherman should catch fish. Same applies here: I never trust a woman’s advice regarding what women *actually* want.


    • Jason Rogers

      Lastly, how could you (as a woman) comment on “how to feel masculine?”

      As the old saying goes, “Walk a mile in someones shoes before you judge them.” I would NEVER tell a woman how to feel more feminine. How could I? As a man, I’m biologically different than you. We have testosterone. You have estrogen. We’re hardwired to hunt. You’re hardwired to protect and nurture. Men and women are engineered differently.

      Stay in your own lane.


  2. Giovanni Tyre

    I am currently at the time lazy, insecure, (insert all bad traits) and am working on trying to be less pathetic I shall happen and I shall put the effort into it 🙂


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