You got her phone number, but now what? Most guys make a key mistake. This ONE mistake kills their chances of dating the woman who’s number they just got.


Don’t make this crucial mistake once you get her phone number…


Do this instead…




Remember — her phone number isn’t a limited time asset. She’s not going anywhere. Instead of asking her out each night during that first week, take your time.


Add her on social media instead. Share your fun, exciting life on instagram or facebook. Let her gain intermittent reminders of what a cool guy you are — when you post onto these social media channels.


By taking your time, instead of hitting her up all the time right out of the gate, her interest in you grows. It’s similar to when you put your money into a secure investment — your financial interest grows over time.


The name of the game is patience.


And now, here’s my question for you…


What was your #1 takeaway from this blog post? I want to know. Also, do you have any further questions?


Let me know by sharing your response below. I read every comment.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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