Wouldn’t you like to sit back, for once — and have women hit on you?


Personally, I know I certainly enjoy the change in pace¬†ūüôā


Truth is, learning how to let women hit on you is a priceless skill to acquire in your relationships, and your romantic life.


Because just as you likely enjoy both the thrill of offense and the joy of having gifts dropped into your lap….


So do women! Yes, you heard that correctly!


Women want to hit on you.


Women, while they enjoy being hit on, also enjoy hitting on you.


But only when you know what you’re doing.


Which begs the obvious question…




How do you get women to hit on you?


I’ll tell ya.


I don’t mind spilling the beans ūüėČ


(Don’t get upset that what follows isn’t a “sexy” tactic — cuz it works).


Here’s the stone cold truth…


The easiest way to get women to hit on you is to simply increase the number of women you talk to.




It’s literally that simple.


(Lucky YOU!)


Yet, I’d bet¬†90% of guys NEVER EVER get a woman to hit on them, probably in their entire lives! Yikes!


Here’s where most guys mess up…


See — most guys are like snipers.


They zone in on just ONE woman — and put all of their attention on her.


Seems logical.


Pursue what you want… right?


But attraction and relationships and women aren’t a logical science, but more of an art ūüėČ




Not only does always going on offense often drive her away…


But doing so also essentially ensures that you’re ALWAYS the one hitting on women….


Fortunately, you don’t need to fall into that camp.


You can be part of the¬†select few gents — who have lots of women hitting on them ūüėČ


It’s literally as simple as giving women the opportunity to chase you by talking to an abundance of women.


As I explain in this quick video….



For most quality women to become attracted to you…


They actually need to invest in you emotionally.


Said simply — most women cannot get aroused fully if they don’t hit on you.


And again, the simplest way to achieve this is to talk with lots of women when you’re out.


Doing so makes you a stimulating, emotion spiking challenge.


Suddenly, women are vying for your attention.


Imagine that!


And although this may seem “gamey” or “manipulative” on the surface,¬†what I can tell you is this…


Deep down, the process of chasing a high value guy is an experience women deeply desire on an emotional level.


Many women cannot get aroused by a guy they don’t chase!¬†


(Observing women and their relationship history quickly reveals this!)


While this may seem insane at first, upon further investigation,¬†it actually makes sense…


It’s almost like going to the movie theatre and being filled with anticipation¬†at the best part of the movie.


You know the feeling.


Your mind is totally engaged with the movie.


“Will the good guy live?? Is he gonna die??


Will the underdogs win the game?? Or will they be defeated by the reigning champs??”


You’re on the edge¬†of your¬†seat!


This very emotional rollercoaster is exactly why we pay to go see a great movie.


So be a blockbuster film baby!


Talking to lots of women creates that same Hollywood emotional experience, for her. ūüôā


It’s dramatic, it’s suspenseful…


The ending is unknown — a MYSTERY.


And eeeeeeverybody loves a good mystery! Especially women ūüėČ


To wrap this baby up, consider the following.


In the same way you strangely enjoy that gut wrenching¬†anxiety of watching your favorite team battle it out at the end of a thrilling championship game…


Women ENJOY feeling attraction for a badass who’s just barely out of their reach —¬†right now.


Be the guy she might be able to *win* over.


It’s an experience that gives her life real zest and¬†excitement!


But it’s essentially IMPOSSIBLE for her to feel that if you’re ALWAYS zoned in on just one woman — going all out on the OFFENSE.


So instead, spread your attention more thinly.


Flirt about.


Chat with alllllll the chicas.


Spread your amazing, masculine energy far and wide ūüėČ


Give each women that emotional gift of uncertainty, excitement, and unpredictability.


Just don’t be¬†surprised when SHE goes on the OFFENSE¬†— in hot pursuit of YOU!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Ps Рnot sure how to flirt? I recommend you check out this free guide here


The ONE Trait Women Desire Most


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