This one’s simple, dude.


The #1 reason why women go COLD — and lose interest in men — is because men give women TOO MUCH ATTENTION.


Look. It actually is simple to explain: There’s never been a time in history when it’s been easier to hit up women. You got Instagram DM’s, Snapchat, Facebook messages, text messages, WhatsApp, and who knows what else..


And since about 85 – 90% of guys do NOT have an abundant sex life, women’s phones are BLOWING UP with messages from creepy guys who are needy for SEX.


The #1 Threat to Your Masculinity Revealed


So, if you message women a bunch… If you always ask the same women out… And if you’re constantly giving women your attention…


Then she’s gonna categorize you in the same “creepy” category as all the other horny and desperate guys!


To be clear: women go cold when men show them too much attention.


Now, since I know that’s NOT you, here’s what you wanna do to STAND OUT:


To begin, right now — DECIDE TO STOP giving away your attention easily.


Here’s why: Time is your ultimate asset. So stop giving it away to women cheaply! Put your time to good use! More on this in a second…


But first, not only is hitting up women all the time a waste, but it’s just STRAIGHT UP INEFFECTIVE!


Giving women too much attention turns her OFF — makes her go COLD! Never forget that!



So starting now, do THIS instead:


Text women 1/10th as much as you usually do.


As I wrote about here, doing so will make your texts AT LEAST 10X more effective. Just try this for yourself. IT WORKS!




Use all that extra time you’ve now got on your hands (since you’re not texting 24/7) to focus on DOMINATING your life — and improving yourself as a man — instead!


When you do so, you’ll be kicking ass — while she’s just WAITING to hear for you. Not too shabby, huh?


Why Do Women Stop Responding to My Texts? (Make 3 Simple Changes)


It IS that simple! So go make these changes happen, captain 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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