Imagine the most stunning girl, just standing there alone. If you’re like me, you realize this is a sweet opportunity.


“But what should I say?”


We’ve all been there. The real question becomes; what do you say to women when your mind goes blank?


When your mind goes blank, just say THE TRUTH.


Saying the truth is the most attractive thing you can do as a man. And it’s also a surefire way to always have something to say — even when your mind goes blank.


In this example, with the beautiful woman just standing there, since it’d be the truth, I’d simply say, “Hi, you looked so freaking adorable standing over here. So I wanted to say hi.”


Done. Truth for the win.


Sure, it also helps to know how to flirt with women. To learn how to do so, check out this article. But ultimately, speaking the truth is even more fundamental — and thus more important to your success — than “having witty banter lines.”


So tonight, when you’re out, and when you’re in doubt, just say the truth — speak what’s on your mind. 


That all said, this is NOT permission to say crass and absurd things right off the approach, i.e. “Damn girl, ur titties look huge.” You must be calibrated to the social world we live in! Telling a girl “your tits look amazing” right when you meet her — even if it’s true — is asking for trouble!  


Speaking of which, if you’d like more insight into this topic of using TRUTH to attract women, then check out the new video I made for you. Under 5 minutes long, it’s a perfect little pep-talk for HOW to speak to women truthfully — without getting slapped!


In the video linked below, you’ll learn…


  • The easiest way to always speak from truth — right from the approach — even if your mind goes blank
  • How to speak with truth in a calibrated way as the conversation continues — so that you never “go over the line”
  • The secret to using truth to escalate with women in the bedroom — in a way she’ll love
  • Why speaking with truth will turn you into a man you respect on a deep level (this one is the most important of all)


Simply put, if you’re looking for a quick video to get you “in the right state of mind” for being your most attractive self — even if your mind goes blank when you’re talking to women — then this one is for you.




Simple enough, yes? Have fun with this one.


Relax with the realization that if and when your mind goes blank, all you gotta do is say the truth. It is that easy. Don’t let anyone else convince you of anything else. As long as your “truth” isn’t wildly out of line — considering the social norms — then you’re good.


Sound good? 🙂


Now, I want to hear from you.


What’s the #1 takeaway you’ve realized here? Or, is there something else you’re uncertain about when it comes to talking to women? Let me know.


Share with me your response in the comments box below. I’d like to keep the conversation going with you…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers




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