I hear you wanna make women attracted to you — by improving your verbal game? 


Good man.


Let’s talk about how to make this a reality. 🙂


Today, we’re gonna focus on the intelligent use of words, aka your “verbal game,” to get women to chase you and invest in the conversation emotionally. I’ll give you specific banter lines you can say. You’ll uncover verbal game secrets that work both when women ask you questions, and for when you start a conversation with a woman. 


Now, I’m not gonna lie: I’ve got quite the knack when it comes to teaching guys excellent verbal game 😉



My article, revealing 7 banter lines that attract women, gets tons of recognition from lots of guys. By the way, you should bookmark that right here.


But today, I wanna help you improve your all-around verbal game. You’ll uncover far more than just “lines” to say. Yes, you’ll get lines. But you’ll learn much more than that. I want to give you my best material.


Sound good?


Now, here’s a secret known by all guys who get epic results with women: it’s not just about the lines themselves that attract women, but it’s also HOW you say the things you say 😉


Your tone of voice is a huge part of mastering your verbal game! 



See? Your tone of voice, aka how you say what you say, accounts for about 38% of how a woman perceives you!


That’s wayyyy more than the estimated 7% accounted for the lines themselves!


I don’t wanna simply reveal great lines to say for attracting women, but also HOW to say these lines.


Here’s why…


Witty banter lines + optimal tone of voice = epic verbal game


And that’s what we’re about to dive into, so that you can get epic dating results.



And to give you the full cheddar, I made a free training video to reveal both excellent lines to say, as well as HOW to say these lines — so that you get women super attracted to you This powerful training will undoubtedly improve your verbal game.


So, what are ya waiting for, my man?


Learn exactly how to get women to invest in the conversation and get attracted to you — by simply improving your word choice. Check out this new video I made for you, that shows you how!




Now, I want to hear from your sexy ass! 😉




What was your biggest takeaway here — regarding either verbal game or the process of attracting women in general? Let me know in the comments box below!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – Want more? Play this video titled, How to Arouse Her With Your Words, here:




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