Maybe you’re in “Netflix and Chill” mode…


If so, here are four TV show characters to keep an eye on — and the four shows they’re featured in.


These characters (and often the entire show) will teach you awesome life lessons about business, dating, success, communication, applicable psychology, and confidence…


So let’s dive right in…


Wanna see these four shows — and get lessons from each show — in a video format instead? If so, press play:


Okay, what follows are four TV shows ambitious men like YOU can learn from (on “Netflix and Chill” nights).


I will also discuss the specific topics you’ll learn the most about by watching each of these shows. This way, you can choose the right show(s) for you, and in turn uncover life lessons specific to your goals and desires…


1. Suits – Harvey Specter
(business, success, communication, confidence, psychology)

I cannot say enough positive things about this show. Besides being highly entertaining if you’re into business and legal dramas, by watching Suits you’re sure to unlock insights into business, psychology, how to communicate like a man, keys to success, and more.


The main character to keep an eye on here is undoubtedly Harvey Specter. Harvey’s confident personality, which I analyzed here, has made him into a cult-classic amongst men looking for inspiration to improve themselves.


The #1 Threat to Your Masculinity Revealed


If nothing else, let Harvey’s ambitious “success at any cost” mindset rub off on you. As you’ll see, there are lots of keys for success to be uncovered by watching Suits — while keeping a special eye on Harvey Specter.


And that’s on top of the fact that the plot, and the drama, in the show is also very good! In short, the first TV show I recommend ambitious men such as yourself check out is definitely Suits!


2. Californication – Hank Moody
(flirting, communication, social skills, dating)

If you’re a single man looking to become more attractive to women and improve your skills with women, there is NO better show to watch than Californication! Specifically, keep your eyes on the charming, smooth ladies man that is Hank Moody. 😉


Respond to Challenges & Shit Tests like Hank Moody


Hank Moody, as I wrote about here, is about as good of a fictional role model as you’re gonna find — when it comes to becoming better with women. It’s that simple.


But what makes him so attractive to women? I’d say, it’s his blend of lighthearted traits combined with his masculine traits. While always staying free and fun around women, Hank also consistency portrays an ideal representation of how to stay non-reactive — when women give him “shit tests.”


No doubt, if you want to become more confident around women, watch this TV show! And, if you really want more confidence with women ASAP, definitely check out this free training, too:




Now, back to Californication… 😉


Besides learning from Hank himself, Californication also has an exciting and wild plot-line that’ll keep you engaged. With short 25 minute episodes, it’s an easy show to watch — perfect for those moments when you just wanna chill out and put something “easy to watch” on.


Unlike the other three shows  recommended here, Californication has a pretty simple plot — and doesn’t require complete focus in order to “keep up.”


So, to wrap this one up, the second TV show I’d recommend checking out is Californication with Hank Moody — especially for all you single guys who want next level dating results and even smoother social skills! 😉


3. Peaky Blinders – Thomas Shelby
(communication, success, confidence, business, psychology)

I just recently stumbled on this TV show — Peaky Blinders — and it’s killer! The show follows an up-and-coming racketeering gang called “The Peaky Blinders,” who are led by a former WWI war hero named Thomas Shelby. This is who you wanna keep your eye on.


Thomas Shelby’s character in many ways is similar to that of Harvey Specter from Suits. Like Harvey, Thomas is driven, intelligent, and he carries himself with next-level confidence.


When watching this TV show, be sure to notice how Thomas communicates. He portrays how speaking less makes you more powerful — by creating the “Godfather effect” — as I wrote about here.



However, note that unlike the other three shows recommended here, Peaky Blinders is a violent TV show. So if blood and gore overwhelm you, then this show isn’t for you.


That said, if a little blood doesn’t bother you, then watch this TV show and let Thomas Shelby’s ambition motivate you. In the first four seasons, you’ll see a man who starts with a dream and very little else. Slowly yet surely, despite setbacks, you’ll see Thomas progress into a man who (although not always ethically) makes many of his dreams come to life.


To summarize, if you’re an ambitious guy who wants to improve your communication, your confidence, and if you desire more success in business, then definitely watch Peaky Blinders! And keep a keen eye on Thomas.


(If you’re okay with some blood and gore, that is!)


4. Billions – Bobby Axelrod
(business, success, psychology, confidence, communication)

Billions is another TV show that portrays a highly successful billionaire — Bobby Axelrod — and his daily struggle to maintain and grow his fortune. In turn, the plot captures the countless challenges Bobby faces —  because his enemies are trying to bring him down — and how each side responds to one-another.


You’ll keep seeing Bobby taking calculated business risks, engaging in high-stakes negotiations, doing dirty deals, and far more.


Now, who is this show for? I’d say this show is perfect for you if you’re looking for motivation to get rich. And if that is you, then YES — the main character you’ll learn the most from in Billions is Bobby Axelrod.


And for guys less focused on getting rich, know that Bobby has a bold communication style and carries himself with rock-solid confidence, too. These traits, combined with how he thinks, still make him a very good character to learn from.


Narrow eyes


Billions has other characters (like Wendy and Chuck Rhodes) who have a lot to offer, too — in regards to how they think, strategize, and overcome obstacles.


Likewise, the plot-line itself, though complicated, moves fast. This TV show should keep you entertained — especially if you like shows about crime, business, and the law.


So if that sounds like you, then I recommend studying Bobby Axelrod while watching Billions on your “Netflix and Chill” nights…


In Conclusion…

To make it clear: if you’re gonna “Netflix and Chill,” and if you wanna become more successful, then watching these shows will let you both chill AND grow as a man!


Note that if I had chosen a fifth TV show character, it would have been Don Draper from Mad Men. You can check out the article I wrote, where I reveal Don Draper’s 7 rules for success, right here.


But anyways, back to the task at hand, definitely check out these four shows (Suits, Californication, Peaky Blinders, Billions)!


Also, what other shows do you like? Do you have any other shows that help give you an “extra edge” — to either date more abundantly or to dominate life more successfully?


Let me know in the comments box below…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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