Ready to get treated like a boss?


Look — either you’re the type of guy people respect, or you’re not. There’s not a lot of grey area here.


It’s simple: if you want to unlock epic romantic results, professional success, and a high social status in your hometown, then what you’re about to learn is CRUCIAL.


If you’d rather watch a video, you can uncover the 7 secrets to get treated like a boss right here…




Alright, I’ll assume you’d rather read than watch. That works with me 😉


Let’s dive into the 7 secrets you can instantly use to start getting treated like a boss.


1) Speak like the CEO, Not the Secretary

When you speak, do you project your voice? Do you speak with authority? Or, do you speak as if you’re asking your Daddy for permission to stay out once the sun goes down?


If you want to be respected and treated well, you MUST speak with conviction and authority! One trick to instantly speak with more confidence is to double the volume with which you project your voice.


Another hack I share with my paying clients who are learning to speak like the CEO is this: practice speaking through people. Take a look at this image to see what I mean…



Speak in a commanding way. Even though this new way of communicating feels awkward at first, it’s crucial on your quest to begin getting treated like a boss.


2) Wear Your Smirk More Often

When somebody first meets you, the first place he or she will look is your face! You know this 😉


It’s why wearing your smirk on a regular basis is a must! No facial expression better sub-communicates confidence, success, and high value like a smirk does.



If you’re unfamiliar with how to smirk, just take five and go to the bathroom. Once you’re in there, look in the mirror and practice your smirk. Once you “find” your smirk, remember how it feels. Then, wear it!


Remember this: the smirk is the one face you can take with you in the boardroom, the bar, and just about anywhere else… 😉


3) Dress Sharp

So, you wanna get treated like a boss? Then dress like one! How can you expect people to take you seriously if you’re dressed like a 7th grader?


Now, the real key with dressing sharp isn’t the brand of your clothing you wear, or how much you spend. The secret is wearing clothes that fit well!


Revealed: The Exact 3 Steps My Clients Use to Transform as Men


My recommendation? Take your shirts and your pants to a tailor. It wont cost too much. And more importantly, getting your clothes fitted properly makes massive impact on how good you look — and thus how people respond to you!


Again, getting your clothes fitted right is the easiest and most effective way to instantly look way more sharp.


4) Get a Proper Haircut

If you have a big bird’s nest on top of your head, how can you expect people to take you seriously!? I hope this makes sense to you!


The solution here is simple: go to a good salon or a reputable barber shop. Tell the hairdresser to cut your hair in a way that’ll make you look slick. You may have to pay $50 for this. It’s worth it.


Let a real professional make you look sharp.



Then, once you get a proper haircut, if you don’t want to spend this much money every time you cut your hair, take photos of your new haircut when you get home. Then, show those photos with your great looking haircut, to cheaper hairdressers — in the future.


Bang. Now, you’ve found an affordable way to repeatedly get a great haircut — thus helping to ensure you get treated like a boss.


5) Move with Control

How you carry yourself — aka your body language — accounts for a massive part of how people respond to you. And if you wanna get treated like a boss by both women and men alike, you very likely need to SLOW DOWN your body language.


Most guys are far too frenetic in how they carry themselves! The key for getting treated like a boss is to carry yourself through the world with grace and control.


You cannot miss this one and expect to be treated like a boss. Seriously! Just look at this pie chart. You’ll see that body language accounts for over 50% of how people perceive you!



Here’s a simple exercise I give to my clients: practice moving at 50% speed for the next week. This will be more challenging than it seems. Here’s why: you’ve habitualized the way you walk, and move.


But as I discuss in the article linked below, desirable men move through the world slower than the rest. By moving slower, you’ll begin embodying attractive body language — that gets you noticed.


I can’t say it enough: your body language directly impacts how people respond to you. You saw the pie chart! You body language makes up 55% of it! So, use this to your advantage. Move slowly — with control and grace. When you do so, you’ll begin getting treated like a boss.


6) Speak Less (when asked questions)

Whereas most people feel obligated to ALWAYS respond when somebody asks them a question, a boss doesn’t. Here’s the truth…


If a boss doesn’t wanna respond to a question you ask him, he wont say a word. He’ll simply continue on his day — and act like he didn’t hear you.


He wont even turn his head. And he sure as hell won’t make up an excuse — as to why he doesn’t wanna talk about the topic you just asked him about. Nope. He”ll just keep on doing what he was already doing.


Powerful Secrets to Earn Respect as a Man


It’s simple: don’t feel obligated to respond to invasive questions people ask you, shit tests women give you, or anything else for that matter!


Funny enough, when you start ignoring questions you don’t want to answer, or shit tests women give you, you’ll instantly start getting treated like a boss. Because funny enough, the only people who don’t feel obligated to speak up when questioned are legit bosses — and CEO’s!


Try this one out for yourself. It’s very powerful 😉


7) Give Less Fucks

A boss reports to NOBODY. He doesn’t have a superior officer. And he sure as hell doesn’t have a boss! He IS the boss! This means, he can act however the hell he wants. So, he’ll make jokes, act like a dork, and do whatever the hell he wants!



In turn, this freedom makes him “not give a fuck.” And if you want to get treated like a boss, you gotta embrace this philosophy of giving-less-fucks yourself.


Here’s how: stop filtering yourself. Stop worrying what people think about you. Who cares?! You’re the boss! Fuck over-analyzing how you stack up in the minds of others!


Instead, just speak your mind, crack jokes when the mood strikes, and let it allllll hang out 😉


In Conclusion:

Getting treated like a boss isn’t easy. It’s why only a select few men get this highly favorable treatment. However, if you put into play the seven secrets revealed here, you’ll have a massive advantage over most men…



And to ensure you indeed start getting treated like a boss, so that you can unlock an epic dating life and far more success professionally, I recommend you enroll for this free training.


In it, you’ll discover how to supercharge your confidence in just one week!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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  1. Nathan

    I don’t understand the first step where it says speak “through” people. What does that mean exactly? Also how does one move slower? I feel like even though I realize this my body naturally attempts to speed up.


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