Here’s what I’ve learned: when we aren’t enjoying the results we desire (in any area of life), it’s because the current person we are isn’t capable of getting those results. 


To unlock the results you crave, you must be a person capable of achieving them.


Simple enough, right?


Here’s the thing: to become the person capable of hitting and achieving the goals and results you desire, you must change.


You must transform into an improved man. But how? 


Why Lacking Clarity Equals Lame Dating Life (powerful exercise revealed)


How do you “transform” yourself into an improved man — who IS capable of getting the results the current you desires, but isn’t getting now?


Here are the 2-steps I used, and my clients now use, to transform into radically new and improved versions of ourselves…


1) Introduce or remove a long held behavior, trait, or habit. 

The larger this change is, the more powerful the effect.  For example, a gamer could destroy his XBOX. Someone who’s had long hair for years could get super short hair..


Here’s a real example: when I was transforming myself into a confident guy who could approach women, I used this principle by getting a mohawk. This was a haircut I never imagined having before.


Sure enough, after getting the haircut, I instantly I felt more confident and my dating results exploded. Changing my haircut made me an improved man. Crazy, right?


See this picture of me (with my mohawk) doing a super direct approach:



The key here is to give your current identity a sharp pattern interrupt.


When you make the change big enough, this strategy will help you quickly blast thru plateaus.


2) Describe “who I’m becoming” in vivid detail.

Here, you want to deeply and vividly describe the new and improved man you’re aiming to transform into.


I still do this exercise to ensure I’m taking control of my own evolution. 


Here’s why this exercise is so important: if you aren’t clear on the type of man you need to become to get the results you desire in life, you’re setting yourself up for failure.


Without a clear goal to aim for, how can you expect to hit it?


Take a day a describe your “new self” you wish to transform into, using vivid details. The more clarity, the better.


Start Saying NO: The Power of Non-Commitment


Describe where you’ll live, what you’ll eat, who you’ll spend time with, how you’ll dress, how much money will be in your bank account, and what your dating life will look like. Write what your daily routines will look like.


Really paint a vivid picture of your new self!


Now, let’s review these two steps for transforming into a new and improved man. 


Step one is to make a drastic change to your identity. And step two is to describe the new you that you wish to transform into — in order to unlock the results you desire in life.


These two steps, when combined and executed correctly, produce profound, transformational results.


Trust me, I’ve seen the effect first hand…



So be prepared.


Lastly, so you nail your transformation and become a new and improved man, I explain these two steps you gotta take to transform yourself — in much greater depth — in a new training video you can access below.


You’ll learn how a vegan eating meat led him to make over $200,000 MORE in income each month! Talk about a transformation! 


You definitely don’t want to miss this one.


Let’s begin….





Now, tell me the immediate change you’re going to make — in order to give your identity a sharp pattern interrupt. Will you cut your hair? Throw out the XBOX? Eat a steak after 9 years of being vegan? Or do something else?


I want to know. Share your response in the comments box below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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