That’s not even a metaphor.


You can unlock your seemingly superhuman potential.


It’s not complicated.


After reading the biographies of Alexander the Great, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Jeff Bezos, Sam Walton, Julius Caesar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others


I definitely recommend this book..


I’m CERTAIN I’ve unlocked the common overlapping “mental trick” each of these monumental men used (or use) to DOMINATE…


And I’ll get to that in a second…


But first, I thought I’d show you where I’m at right now…


(Turn your images on to take a look…)



Not too shabby, eh?


I’m enjoying my last 2 weeks here in Colombia before I spend some time in the United States and Denmark..


I’m glad to be here.


This tranquil, peaceful spot I’m in gave me some time to write to you…


So I can help you get the most out of your most valuable resource (your brain!)



Because after studying psychology at UCLA, researching the same topic at Stanford, and reading well over a hundred books on the topic…


Nothing excites me quite like helping you get the MOST out of your BRAIN… And helping you tap into your SUPERHUMAN POTENTIAL.


(Cuz YES — I’m a nerd, if you haven’t figured that out by now! Just look at me in my graduation photo a few years back… LOL)



Anyways, let’s dive the hell in to the juicy part of this thing already, shall we?


Let me ask you something…


Do want to STAND OUT, DOMINATE, and OUTPERFORM the masses…?


If so, here’s what ya gotta do…


Train yourself to ONLY FOCUS on the 5% of things in your life that actually deeply matter.


This is how you optimize your mental capacity: by sticking to a narrow path of focusing solely on the key factors that TRULY matter…


Imagine that while most people let anything consume their attention — thus going all over the place — your job is to stay on the tight rope…



The truth is, most people focus on STUPID SHIT. That’s the simplest way I can put it 😉


Most people get stressed about things that don’t actually impact their life, their results, nor their happiness….


Therefore, they “waste” their precious mental energy simply worrying and stressing!


For you to dominate and unlock your superhuman potential, your job is simple.


Honor your focus.


Treat your brain’s ability to concentrate on the few important areas of your life — almost like a HIGH POWERED LASER BEAM.



Only activate your focus on the KEY areas that can move your life in the direction you consciously CHOOSE to go!


After reading the biographies of Ben Franklin, Julius Caesar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alexander the Great, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, and many others…



…I’m here to tell you that mental FOCUS is the superpower secret of the world’s most elite achievers and thinkers…


Your ability to ignore the bullshit and focus on the few important matters is how you can tap into your superhuman potential.


Don’t think the world’s most successful men had something you lack…


It’s not that these men are (or were) smarter than you and I…


They simply maximized the potential of their brains by following this secret I’ve shared with you!


Become a Learning Machine | 10X Your Growth


Be like them. And unlock your superhuman potential.


It all starts with zoning in on what matters and ignoring everything else!


Laser beam mental focus, baby!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Ps – Meditation is a hell of a way to improve your ability to consciously focus on what you want while ignoring the bullshit. I seriously believe (and the research agrees with me) that the gym is to your body what meditation is for your brain. Learn how to mediate for free right here




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