We’ll get to the 3-steps to superhuman confidence in just a second. But first… Gather ’round. I gotta story to tell…


Just 2 months ago, I received the worst news of my entrepreneurial career…


And a lot of you will remember this little situation.. I still get messages asking what happened to the channel every single week…


So what happened?


The personal development youtube channel I’d grown from scratch to 7,000+ followers was permanently deleted.


Just imagine…


You pour well over a thousand hours building something… Put your heart and your soul into something… And spend your nights and weekends working on it…


But then… Just like that…


Poof. It’s gone.


Your creation just disappears.


That’s what happened to me. And even worse, that youtube channel was my #1 source of new business.


That youtube channel was how I paid the bills. 


But that’s not the worst part….


The secret I’ve not told any of my followers until now…? I was the sole reason the youtube channel got deleted.




I didn’t read the fine print on an important contract and as a result, the channel got deleted.


I created my own failure. It was 100% me.


Tough pill to swallow, huh?


This is the definition of FAILING.


But as we talked about in the most recent blog post


It’s our ability to bounce back from REJECTION AND FAILURE that determines our confidence and our results as men.


No doubt about it.


And before I reveal to you the exact 3 steps to turn rejection and failure into superhuman confidence and next level success…


I want to share the end of the youtube channel story…


The truth is that since that channel was deleted, I’ve come back and hit all time highs in revenue and profit.


Instead of crumbling from the failure, my income metrics have soared to new heights.



And my confidence, just after taking a massive hit, is higher than ever before.


But this isn’t because I’m special or unique. Nope. It’s only because I know the 3-steps that lead to superhuman confidence and next level results.


So what’s the 3-step formula gents like MJ and Steve Jobs have used to turn rejection and failure into newfound strength and personal power?


It’s simple.


And I’m in the mood to share with you.


But only if you’ll put this into play in your life.


Because knowledge only becomes power when we act on what we learn.


So, do we have a deal?




You pinky promise you’ll put this 3-step sequence into play? To build superhuman confidence?


Alright then… Let’s do this thing…


Here we go.


Step 1 to Superhuman Confidence…

The second you finish approaching a woman, making your sales presentation, interviewing for a job, pitching an investor, or otherwise putting yourself on the line…


Immediately ask yourself the following…


“What’s the #1 thing I can learn from this experience that’ll help me get a better result, next time?”


Ask yourself this question and repeat the mofo until your brain gives you a nugget of self-manifested brilliance. This is step one.


Now… Let me be blunt.


If you aren’t learning from each action you take, you are missing the fuck out.


But by asking yourself the question I just shared with you, you WILL get smarter.


And trust me… If you ask yourself this question ASAP, just after finishing… Just after you make your big move…


You will learn a personalized nugget of success laden gold. The kinda knowledge that’ll ensure you hit a higher level in the future.


By always receiving a nugget of knowledge from the actions you take, you ensure your brain (and your confidence) grow stronger.


Step 2 to Superhuman Confidence…

Let’s call an ace an ace… Putting yourself on the line ain’t easy.


It’s fucking scary to make a sales pitch or to chat up a hunny or to interview for your dream job…




Just after you put yourself on the line… And once you then learn something from your recent experience (STEP 1)…


You want to validate yourself! Step two to superhuman confidence is validating yourself with positive self talk.


And you absolutely want to do so REGARDLESS of how you did.


You tell yourself, “Nice job, dude. Way to take action. Way to go for it. Fuck yea.”


You validate yourself for FOLLOWING the PROCESS…


This teaches you that action is more important than the immediate result that action delivers you.


The ultimate outcome?


You become an action taking machine… A guy that’s always learning and growing


You become the kind of badass who’s impervious to failure or rejection.


To be clear… Just after you take action, and after you immediate learn something…


Validate yourself with positive self talk. That’s step 2.


Step 3 to Superhuman Confidence… 



The name of the game is getting back on your horse!


Step 3 to superhuman confidence is repeating the action you took before step one!


It’s about taking another swing… Picking up the phone, making another ring!


The secret to success is persistence combined with continuous improvement.


The reason men don’t dominate is because after they get rejected or after they fail…


They don’t get back after it and take more action!


But you…?


You’re different….


When you push your comfort zones and take action…


You immediately LEARN…


…You then immediately validate yourself with REAL, well deserved, positive self talk….


And then?




Go again! Take more action!


(You approach another woman, go to another networking event, make another sales call, or pitch another investor)


Here’s the fucking truth, my man…


When you follow the L-V-R Sequence…


And you Learn, Validate yourself, and Repeat the action you just took…


You’re going to quickly get superhuman confidence and next level momentum.


This 3-step L-V-R Sequence quickly becomes addictive…

You train yourself to embrace the stress — because that stress helps you rise as a man.


Soon, you become addicted to taking action! You enjoy pushing your comfort zones and this quickly instills superhuman confidence within you!


From here, you replace your fears and anxiety with confidence and skill…


And by repeating this sequence over and over, you become a masculine beast.


Just imagine… By repeating this sequence… Soon… You’ll be dating abundantly… Closing deals… Making moves


You’ll be a success…


But to be clear… To truly dominate as a man, you also need the skills.


And while you can learn the skills of persuasion, seduction, and psychology, on your own….


I can teach you the skills you need and help you transform far FASTER.


So that you can get the results you’ve always desired.


If you’ve wanted to supercharge your confidence and enjoy a killer sex life…


Then keep reading: I have a ton more life changing nuggets to share…


(The kind of secrets that will 10X your speed towards success)


Real talk.


If you want to reach the good life of confidence and dating abundance and success RAPIDLY…


Then my man…


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To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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