What’s that one trait all super successful men share?


What is the overlap that predicts success? Whether it’s Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, is there a trait essentially all successful men share?


Just yesterday I had a private conversation I had with Joe Duncan, founder of the @before5am page on instagram. A highly successful man himself, Joe has grown this page to over 750,000 followers.


As such, the two of us are both highly fascinated by this very question: what is that one trait shared by the most successful gentleman in history?


In the video below, I reveal the #1 trait we agree essentially all super successful men possess…




So what is it? What’s the #1 trait shared by the very most successful men? Simple. From my perspective, and in my own words, it’s this… The complete and total immersion into your ONE PURPOSE in life.


Highly Successful Men Clearly Define and Then Act Upon Their One Purpose


Here. Let me explain… By fully and completely basing every decision you make, action you take, and person you spend time with — around your purpose, EVERYTHING in your life becomes aligned.


Your thoughts become clearer, you feel more confident, and become less conflicted. The reason is simple: every part of your being is aimed in the SAME DIRECTION ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!


And in my opinion, here’s the real key that the most successful use to unlock NEXT LEVEL RESULTS… Strong reasons WHY you’re all in on your purpose.


If your reason(s) WHY you’re ALL IN on your one purpose is strong enough, this total immersion doesn’t create burn out — but rather — gives you fuel, energy, and inspiration.


Therefore, I’m curious to know what YOUR purpose is… Tell me, what are you fully committed to? Let me know! What are you ALL IN on? Share in the comments section below!  👇🏼👇🏼


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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