Do you often get people asking you to speak up? Have you heard people say you are soft spoken? And would you consider yourself a bit timid?


If so, this blog post is written for you.


Just this morning, I was drinking a cup of coffee while browsing my emails and messages I’ve received…


I had a private message on instagram asking me for the easiest way to sound confident when he spoke up. He shared that people often don’t listen to him or stay engaged when he speaks up.


This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. So, I wanted to write and give you the best strategy you can use instantly to sound more confident when you speak.


What follows perfect for you if you feel that you’re on the timid, shy side of the spectrum — like I used to be.


The #1 Easiest Way to Instantly Sound Confident 

Are you ready for it? 😉


It’s really simple: To sound twice as confident, speak twice as loudly.


Like it or not, humans associate a strong, powerful voice with confidence. This has been seen in research.


Equally, when we hear someone speaking softly and timidly, we assume that person lacks confidence.


When you increase your speaking volume, you will instantly sound confident. This one works so immediately that it can almost seem like magic. Just a minute before, when you were speaking softly, people weren’t responding to you.


But then, by doubling your vocal volume, suddenly people give you their full attention. It’s crazy how effective speaking up works when it comes to sounding far more confident.


But the question becomes, how can you train yourself to start speaking at a higher volume?


So that you can sound confident and reap the rewards that confidence brings?


The Easiest Way To Start Speaking More Loudly

Us guys intend to be heard when we speak. We think we’re speaking plenty loudly.


This how most guys think their voice projects — when they speak…


How guys think their voices project...


But for many guys, how loudly they think they’re speaking versus how loud they’re actually speaking are two very different things…


To start, let’s recognize something important… Lots of guys need to speak up. They speak too softly and this makes them sound weak and afraid.


The other person can barely even hear them, because their voice doesn’t project far enough…


This is how some guys actually *project* their voice when they speak…


Lots of guys don't speak up


Let’s break this habit of speaking too softly.


Doing so will make you sound more confident. From now on, when you speak, instead of speaking to people, try to speak through them.


In other words, imagine the person you’re talking to is twice as far away from you as he or she actually is.


By practicing speaking through people — instead of simply speaking to them — your voice will project and carry. This gives voice a deeper resonance and the sound of more confidence.


Here is how you want to practice projecting your voice when you speak — if you’ve been speaking too softly.



The person you’re speaking to will suddenly hear you with ease. Your more commanding voice will instantly change how people respond to you.


It’s that simple. Speak up. Make yourself heard!


Practice speaking through people!


What You Can Expect

Instead of telling you what you can expect — from my point of view, I’ll let the gent who initially asked this question share his experience after using this insight.


After I told him the advice I just told you, he wrote back the following day and said the following…


Wow! That already worked! Thank you Jason!


In short, you can expect this one strategy will work — and work instantly — to make you sound more confident. 


People will instantly respond to you differently. Women will pay attention to you. And you may even become the leader of the group — simply by making this one change.


Now, it’s your turn.


To help you get momentum, I have a challenge for you. A challenge I strongly encourage you to take on. So what’s the challenge?


It’s simple: Give this a try in the next 24 hours. Practice speaking more loudly as we’ve discussed here today.


Making this commitment to yourself – by speaking more loudly in your conversations over the next 24 hours – will supercharge your confidence and your self-belief. You’ll notice how quickly you can get results when you put the very best strategies into action in your life.


And as a side bonus, you’ll get to watch as people respond to you differently… Stop blending in and playing it safe… Start speaking up and start standing out… 😉


Stand Out


This is the easiest way to sound confident.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


2X Your Confidence in Just 5 Days


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