Social leaders are respected, admired, and desired. You’ve seen this first hand. Social leaders are usually popular and well liked — but not because they kiss peoples asses.


Rather, social leaders reach their vaulted states because they bring calm, lighthearted emotions to every interaction they enter. Even when they’re instigating a difficult conversation, they still maintain an air of positivity.


Put simply, social leaders uplift everyone around them.



Again, social leaders uplift others by injecting them with positive emotions. It’s what makes them magnetically popular — people cannot resist their aura, their charm. People follow social leaders intuitively — they just feel trustworthy.


But ultimately, to be a social leader who brings good emotions to others so that everyone wins, you need to put yourself in the right positions… Specifically, there are three ways to position yourself as a social leader in your hometown.


We’ll dive deeper into each strategy in a moment, but here are the three strategies to position to yourself as a social leader in your hometown.


  • First, you can start and lead a social circle from scratch — by leading events.
  • Second, you can enter an existing social circle — and begin leading those in the group in an improved direction they collectively enjoy.
  • Third, you can be so good at either 1) your craft, or 2) at injecting other people with positive emotions socially, that people naturally gravitate towards you — and treat you as a leader.


Each of these methods, when executed correctly, puts you in a powerful position as a social leader.


Regardless of which of the three paths you take, as the social leader, be prepared to make decisions that lead the collective group to better outcomes, improved results, and more enjoyment.


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Your job as the social leader is simple — improve the lives of those around you.


While not always easy, if you do this effectively people will love you. Of course, the benefits of effectively leading are worth it: men will admire you, women will desire you, and many will respect you. However, the devil is in the details.


To successfully be a social leader, you need to execute in a smooth, calculated manner. It’s why I created a powerful video for you, where I share specific examples detailing how to become a popular, respected social leader using each of the three aforementioned strategies.




The path to more respect, popularity, and influence is there. You now have a clear blueprint for becoming a social leader. But knowledge only becomes power when acted upon.


So let me ask you, which of the three strategies will you put into play to become a social leader of your hometown?


Taking the time to think about this question, and following up with a measured response significantly improves your odds of success. It’s your first clear step towards becoming a social leader. As such, I look forward to reading your response, my friend.


Share your answer in the comments below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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